Data Management

4 Must-know Tips for Data Management

According to Experian 2020 report on data management, 85% of organizations see data as one of the most valued assets…

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data-driven decision making

Why Becoming a Data-Driven Manager is Vital

People tend to overly rely on their gut instinct when making a decision. Gut instinct, gut feel, intuition—all terms that share…

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operational efficiency

Achieving Operational Efficiency Passively

Operational efficiency is a fancy piece of terminology that every executive, team lead, and employee would gladly strive for. Theoretically, operational efficiency has its foundation in…

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Identifying Change Champions Using ONA

Remember the childhood game of telephone? You and your friends would sit in a circle, perhaps with two tin cans…

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improve onboarding

Improving Onboarding with ONA

Ellen started a new job on the marketing team at her dream company. When she got there, HR laid out…

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automated organizational network analysis

Using ONA to Prevent Attrition

Organizational network analysis (ONA) is the methodology of analyzing the socio-technical networks that exist within an organization. ONA leverages the data your…

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state of management

State of Management — 2021

An NFL Team can't win without a good coach. Students can't learn without a good teacher.  A company can't succeed…

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employee attrition

The True Cost of Employee Attrition

According to Gallup, U.S. businesses are losing a trillion dollars a year due to voluntary turnover— “And the most astounding part is…

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lessons learned from 2020

5 Lessons Learned From 2020

“The worst year ever.” 2020 has been tough on everyone in some way. The global pandemic challenged businesses more than…

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