company culture

Top Five Ways to Improve and Maintain Company Culture

Catherine Turco’s “The Conversational Firm,” is a book that gives readers a firsthand account of what it’s like to work…

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Steps to Avoiding Burnout — Wherever You’re Working From

Whether they’ve returned to work in a physical space or their company is still operating virtually, one thing is for sure–I’m seeing signs of burnout…

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productivity and performance management

Five Productivity and Performance Management Software Myths: Debunked

The recent (and potentially permanent) shift to remote work has caused many companies to consider various types of productivity and…

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last mile in people intelligence

The Last Mile of People Intelligence

Imagine being a kindergarten teacher. You’ve got 20-30 kids, all smart and unique in their way. And then you have…

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people intelligence platform

Five Problems You Can Solve as a Leader Using People Intelligence

No, a robot will not take your job.  Don’t believe me? Check this tool out: According to the tool,…

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Better, Faster, Easier—Rinse, Repeat

This month has been all about making Peoplelogic easier and faster to get the important information you need to make…

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performance reviews

7 Tips For Productive Performance Reviews

Employee Reviews, Performance Reviews, Workplace Report Cards. Call it what you want, but employee reviews are crucial to any organization…

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employer branding

5 Ways You Can Work on Employer Branding at Your Company

When potential customers think of your company, you probably want them to think about how great your product is. But…

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professional personality tests

Top Personality/Emotional Tests and How to Apply Results to Your Organization

We’ve all likely taken a personality assessment at one point or another in our careers—whether it was DISC, Myers-Briggs, or…

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