managing up

Managing Up Using Data

Managing up is a necessary skill set that will make your life easier. For the most part, we all expect to lean into the…

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calculating time to close

Calculating Time to Close — Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and Peoplelogic

Calculating time to close is a vital statistic when optimizing a sales team. There are so many factors that can…

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thought leaders and culture guides

Losing Thought Leaders and Culture Guides

Losing top performers: Mark was at a loss of words. His two top engineers had told him on the same…

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smart goals

Get SMART (Goals)

Is your organization SMART? No, I don’t mean do you hire smart people, make smart decisions, or invest time and money…

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set realistic goals

Helping Your Employees Set Realistic Goals

Like many other kids, when I was little, I had a goal of going to the Olympics for swimming. I…

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Justifying a New Hire Based on Capacity

Plummeting NPS and a change in perception: Jeff had a problem—his customers NPS score was dropping steadily and his team started…

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preventing burnout

Preventing Burnout with Data

Over-worked and overloaded: The VP of Product at a software company came to Peoplelogic looking for a solution to help her manage…

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data-driven management

Data-Driven Management

Data-driven management and decision making is the methodology of valuing a decision rooted in empirical and verifiable data. The success of such…

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operational efficiency

Achieving Operational Efficiency Passively

Operational efficiency is a fancy piece of terminology that every executive, team lead, and employee would gladly strive for. Theoretically, operational efficiency has its foundation in…

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