Steps to Avoiding Burnout — Wherever You’re Working From

Whether they’ve returned to work in a physical space or their company is still operating virtually, one thing is for sure–I’m seeing signs of burnout…

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take care of yourself

As HR, You Are Taking Care of Everyone. Now Take Some Time to Take Care of Yourself.

HR and People Operations professionals are, without a doubt, the backbone of a company. While they manage the obvious tasks…

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people intelligence platform

Five Problems You Can Solve as a Leader Using People Intelligence

No, a robot will not take your job.  Don’t believe me? Check this tool out: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34066941 According to the tool,…

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Better, Faster, Easier—Rinse, Repeat

This month has been all about making Peoplelogic easier and faster to get the important information you need to make…

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performance reviews

7 Tips For Productive Performance Reviews

Employee Reviews, Performance Reviews, Workplace Report Cards. Call it what you want, but employee reviews are crucial to any organization…

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rewarding employees

Give Your Employees the Gold Star They Deserve

Ben thought he had landed his dream job. He was a talented marketer working at a well-established company, with a…

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team management checklist

Running Remote: Effective Team Management Checklist

Whether you’re chasing growth, maintaining it, or capitalizing on it, the need for effectively managing your team has never been…

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build and maintain relationships remotely

5 Quick Tips to Build and Maintain Relationships Remotely

“That Escalated Quickly”- Ron Burgundy For many in March, the transition to work from home was sudden. Most people were…

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worst remote manager

5 Steps to Becoming the World’s Worst Remote Manager

So, you’ve hit the wall? Perhaps it’s the months of self-isolation, or perhaps it’s the endless and incessant screaming children who are…

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