Releases and Updates – Summer 2021 Edition

Summer 2021 is a pivotal time for companies as many are preparing to go back into the office, go all…

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Surfacing The Data That Makes Your Team More Effective

Sneak Peek đź‘€ Our team of superheros has been hard at work adding new recommendations and building out the next generation…

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data-driven decision making

Why Becoming a Data-Driven Manager is Vital

People tend to overly rely on their gut instinct when making a decision. Gut instinct, gut feel, intuition—all terms that share…

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real time insights

Insights – Now In Near Real Time

We may have been a little quiet with our updates the last month, but we've been hard at work with…

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7 Biases That Impact Your Hiring Process

At the heart of an organization are its people. Whether you are just starting up, going through a growth period,…

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being a better manager

5 Quick Tips to Being a Better Manager

Get to Know Your Team Members  The best managers know the individuals on their team both professionally and personally on…

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focus on team kpis

KPIs have goals, Zendesk captures more events, and tons of usability enhancements

New Features Huge Documentation update to highlight potential KPI ideas and bring in the latest events - including the enriched…

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greenhouse ats

Greenhouse Aggregator, Improved Confluence Aggregator and “Time to Close”

We've been hard at work building our next major release of the People Intelligence Platform, but wanted to make sure…

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synthesized data

New Year, New Insights: Advanced Insights from Salesforce, Close CRM, and HubSpot.

Happy New Year! To start the year we've got some big enhancements to Lexi, making it even easier to get…

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