growth mindset

8 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

The difference between having a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset can make or break your career development opportunities, induce excess stress,…

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traits good manager

5 Traits of Incredible Managers

A manager, in many ways, is like a great coach. In the spirit of March Madness, we can name a…

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traits bad manager

5 Common Traits of a Bad Manager

A bad boss is one of the top reasons an employee leaves a company. It’s often stated that, “people quit bosses, not companies.” A toxic manager can…

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7 Biases That Impact Your Hiring Process

At the heart of an organization are its people. Whether you are just starting up, going through a growth period,…

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being a better manager

5 Quick Tips to Being a Better Manager

Get to Know Your Team Members  The best managers know the individuals on their team both professionally and personally on…

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how to manage up

5 Best Practices for Managing Up

As managers and individual contributors, we know the term “managing up” carries meaning and weight. It’s no secret that sometimes we need to…

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performance review biases

6 Performance Review Biases That Are Harming Your Organization

Performance reviews are a staple in every company, big and small. Most happen annually, but some organizations break them down…

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managing up

Managing Up Using Data

Managing up is a necessary skill set that will make your life easier. For the most part, we all expect to lean into the…

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focus on team kpis

KPIs have goals, Zendesk captures more events, and tons of usability enhancements

New Features Huge Documentation update to highlight potential KPI ideas and bring in the latest events - including the enriched…

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