citizen data scientist

Democratizing Data to Create Citizen Data Scientists

There’s no doubt about it, data science holds the keys to creating an unfair competitive advantage, operational excellence, and a whole host…

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team management checklist

Running Remote: Effective Team Management Checklist

Whether you’re chasing growth, maintaining it, or capitalizing on it, the need for effectively managing your team has never been…

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build and maintain relationships remotely

5 Quick Tips to Build and Maintain Relationships Remotely

“That Escalated Quickly”- Ron Burgundy For many in March, the transition to work from home was sudden. Most people were…

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worst remote manager

5 Steps to Becoming the World’s Worst Remote Manager

So, you’ve hit the wall? Perhaps it’s the months of self-isolation, or perhaps it’s the endless and incessant screaming children who are…

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6 Mistakes Growing Companies Routinely Make

Focus. Focus. Focus.  The best business leaders and managers understand the importance of true focus. When scaling a company, you’ll…

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Partner Spotlight: Digité

At Peoplelogic, partnerships are a big part of what we do. It enables us to seamlessly gather the data that…

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The Next Phase of Peoplelogic and A Better Way to Manage Companies

Since we started Peoplelogic nearly a year ago, we’ve slowly but surely peeled back the layers in our understanding of…

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5 Quick Fixes to Create Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a popular topic lately, and for a good reason. It's 8:30 pm on a Tuesday, and Brian…

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stalled growth

When “Gut” Isn’t Good Enough—A Tale for Founders and CEOs

Being the Founder and CEO of a company is incredibly hard work, it’s a constant grind. You’ve poured countless years into market validation, product development…

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