Justifying a New Hire Based on Capacity

Plummeting NPS and a change in perception: Jeff had a problem—his customers NPS score was dropping steadily and his team started…

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preventing burnout

Preventing Burnout with Data

Over-worked and overloaded: The VP of Product at a software company came to Peoplelogic looking for a solution to help her manage…

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Getting Ahead of Attrition

Regrettable attrition: The People Operations leader at a fast growing technology company that had just recently closed a large round of external funding came…

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adapting to change

Adapting to Change

Dealing with change comes naturally with every phase of life. You (and your parents) faced a significant change when you…

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close more deals

Know Exactly How to Close More Deals

Establishing Best Practices: Sarah and Thomas, the CEO and Sales Operations manager of a well-known and highly transactional software company…

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Understanding How Work Gets Done

Going Remote: Eric founded his company, which provides automated receipt tracking and reimbursement for employees, back in 2015. After identifying product…

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employee experience

Employee Experience Is Here To Stay

Fax Machines. Blackberrys. iPod Touches. Typewriters. Pay Phones. All things we rarely use because better, more efficient things have come…

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data-driven management

Data-Driven Management

Data-driven management and decision making is the methodology of valuing a decision rooted in empirical and verifiable data. The success of such…

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conscious leadership

Conscious Leadership 101

As a human, you wake up everyday and make several choices within just a few minutes of opening our eyes – what to wear, whether…

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