rewarding employees

Give Your Employees the Gold Star They Deserve

Ben thought he had landed his dream job. He was a talented marketer working at a well-established company, with a…

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data driven culture

5 Steps to Building a Data-Driven Culture

Developing a data-driven culture is easier said than done. While many organizations do rely on fragmented data to help inform decisions, smaller to medium…

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productivity dashboards

Introducing Employee Access: Now Everyone Gets Analytics, Insights, and Recommendations.

We’ve been in fortunate position during the global transition to remote-enabled work that's been on-going over the last several months. It’s afforded us…

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Peoplelogic at 1 – Our Biggest UX Overhaul Yet

Peoplelogic just turned 1 and to celebrate, we're introducing our biggest UX and Lexi overhaul since the day we launched.…

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analysis paralysis

When Analysis Becomes Angst: Preventing Paralysis in Data-Driven Management

Most of us have been there—poring over spreadsheets or dashboards, filtering different cuts of the data, and trying to form…

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people analytics

5 Ways a People Analytics Program Can Keep Growth Stable

“Work Smarter Not Harder” You've heard that phrase before—in fact, you've probably said it yourself. In a world of "Hustle…

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citizen data scientist

Democratizing Data to Create Citizen Data Scientists

There’s no doubt about it, data science holds the keys to creating an unfair competitive advantage, operational excellence, and a whole host…

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team management checklist

Running Remote: Effective Team Management Checklist

Whether you’re chasing growth, maintaining it, or capitalizing on it, the need for effectively managing your team has never been…

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build and maintain relationships remotely

5 Quick Tips to Build and Maintain Relationships Remotely

“That Escalated Quickly”- Ron Burgundy For many in March, the transition to work from home was sudden. Most people were…

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