People Intelligence – Top 5 Predictions for 2021

Last year was pivotal for the world of work in many ways - most organizations were forced to adopt a remote way of operating,…

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state of management

State of Management — 2021

An NFL Team can't win without a good coach. Students can't learn without a good teacher.  A company can't succeed…

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employee attrition

The True Cost of Employee Attrition

According to Gallup, U.S. businesses are losing a trillion dollars a year due to voluntary turnover— “And the most astounding part is…

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GSuite Calendars & Drive, Freshservice and more

Just in time for the holidays, we're pushing another big update based on customer feedback! Thank you to all our…

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lessons learned from 2020

5 Lessons Learned From 2020

“The worst year ever.” 2020 has been tough on everyone in some way. The global pandemic challenged businesses more than…

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data-driven company

2021: The Year of the Truly Data-Driven Company

2020 certainly has had several tricks up its sleeves. After this enduring ride that people and businesses have been on throughout most of the past year,…

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workforce analytics

Workforce Analytics—How Solutions Have Evolved

If HR and People Operations executives have learned anything from the massive amount of change that’s occurred within 2020 it’s that the need…

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leading with compassion and empathy

Leading with Compassion and Empathy

When you picture someone who is an outstanding leader, you probably see a few surface-level qualities. They are someone who…

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Asana Analytics

Asana Analytics — Advanced Reporting and Insights

Asana is a popular web and mobile-based application that helps teams track, organize, and manage their projects and work. Designed to…

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