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Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting started in 2006 to help improve court reporting accuracy. Owner and Founder, Elizabeth Gallo, had the audacious goal to change the negative perceptions of the reporting industry. Over the last 16 years, she has built a team committed to keeping internal costs to a minimum while passing those savings on to their clients.

A key component to the success and growth of EGCR has been cultivating a culture of experience and engagement with a strong focus on the human aspects of the business. Ms. Gallo believes that the way you treat people is reflected in both the products and services that are ultimately provided. This belief has been confirmed by many articles and studies showing that more engaged employees have higher customer satisfaction scores. However, continuing to build and scale a culture of high engagement in a rapidly-growing organization can be very difficult.

"Our goal is to be a positive and supportive organization, so we wanted a cutting-edge tool that would help us keep engagement high. We rely on essential technology to provide the best experience to our clients at a reasonable cost. That’s why we partnered with Peoplelogic. It helps us maintain an engaged and motivated company culture while our employees continue to provide impeccable service."

Elizabeth Gallo, Owner and Operator

Challenges For EGCR

In 2018, Ms. Gallo acquired Ancillary Legal Corporation, which offers a full range of legal support services including process service throughout Metro Atlanta and International Process Service in over 195 countries. Together, they are prioritizing substance over style. The acquisition was an exciting opportunity to expand the business, but the operational workload practically doubled. Three years later, the leadership team believed there was still room to improve. By partnering with Peoplelogic, EGCR was looking to achieve the following:


Strengthen and scale a culture of community and engagement post-acquisition.


Identify which areas of operational inefficiency detracted from employee engagement levels.


Support the HR team to get ahead of early burnout warnings and potential attrition signals.

"It’s my job to identify the areas to improve and remove resistance for our employees and contractors. Although we have many tasks and departments for a medium-sized organization, Peoplelogic shows me where we are being positively and negatively affected. I can then objectively allocate our time and resources to cultivate a better employee experience, and in turn, our client’s experience."

Joe Miraglia, Business Operations Manager

How EGCR Found Success with Peoplelogic

EGCR has utilized Peoplelogic’s Organizational Network Analysis Graph, StayFactor algorithms, and automatic recommendations to receive insights around:


Team connectivity that identifies disconnected employees and team influencers.


Workload imbalances that increase the risk of burnout and ultimately attrition.


Inefficient or bottlenecked processes and tasks affecting employee engagement levels.

"Peoplelogic is the leader in automatic engagement and retention insights. We give our customers the information they need quickly and efficiently. It’s critical that employee engagement data is provided in a non-biased form in order to correctly act upon it. We’re providing engagement insights automatically to remove the heavy lifting and analysis that comes with constant surveying."

Jonathan Bruce, Chief Product Officer, Peoplelogic

Balancing Workloads with Peoplelogic.

With Peoplelogic, EGCR was able to quickly identify where workload imbalances amongst teams and employees started to form. They were able to set goals and expectations through informed 1:1 meetings. Peoplelogic equips managers and leaders with unbiased data that can keep teams motivated and engaged.

Peoplelogic Helps You Grow and Scale

Companies solely relying on employee surveys are missing out on unbiased, up-to-date engagement data. If you’re interested in joining the growing number of organizations utilizing continuous insights to boost employee engagement, increase retainment, and combat burnout, contact us below.

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