Maintaining a Healthy Team Amidst Rapid Growth

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Metadata experienced40%Increase in Headcount

Meet Metadata.

Metadata helps its clients launch, find and scale their best-performing ad campaigns. Metadata’s patented technology executes thousands of B2B campaigns in a matter of hours, automatically optimizing campaigns for pipeline impact at a velocity that is not humanly possible.

Their headcount has increased 40% in the last six months, accelerating throughout the pandemic, and for good reason. Their leadership team cares deeply about keeping the team together, working towards a common goal, building a better product, and taking care of the clients that trust them to do it. Metadata CEO, Gil Allouche was looking for the most accurate, cost-effective solution for managing their Organizational Health (people health and process health) as they continued to grow and scale. He knew he wanted something that would provide data-driven insights into the pain points of the organization and give actionable solutions and recommendations. That’s when he found Peoplelogic. Peoplelogic is the first end-to-end People Intelligence platform, helping to provide data-driven decision-making.

"Throughout all the growth stages we’ve experienced at Metadata, my biggest concern has been maintaining a healthy culture. It’s been difficult to measure and make data-driven decisions around scaling our processes and headcount while keeping employees from burning out."

- Gil Allouche, CEO of Metadata

Challenges For Metadata

Growing pains! It’s the best problem to have, but rapid growth can make or break your team. Keeping a pulse on organizational health is the difference between continued growth or company implosion. Hypergrowth teams, like Metadata, often experience challenges such as:


Continually updating onboarding processes and training that integrate new employees into a pre- and post- pandemic company culture.


Maintaining the correct overall headcount and headcount per team to keep productivity and efficiency at its highest level.


Connecting team members and the overall organization to keep performance, engagement, and collaboration high.

The consequences of not addressing these pain points include team inefficiency, burnout, and ultimately, attrition. The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times that employee's annual salary, but the real cost of losing key team members is nearly incalculable.

"I was finally able to see data-driven insights around how our people and processes were performing over different periods of time. Peoplelogic gives me the ability to prioritize issues based on the level of effect it’s having on the team, prepare resources efficiently, and even includes actionable recommendations on next steps."

- Gil Allouche, CEO of Metadata

How Metadata Found Success with Peoplelogic

Metadata cares deeply about their employees' wellbeing. One tactic the company uses is having employees complete monthly pulse surveys and engagement check-ins. In their rapidly growing organization, the leadership team is conscious of how hard their employees are working to carry the team forward. However, staying on top of everything is almost impossible.

That’s why they’ve leveraged the insights and data gathered by Peoplelogic. By leveraging Peoplelogic, Metadata has unlocked insights hidden within their organization's data. This empowers their leaders and managers to improve performance, productivity, and accountability.

For Metadata, Peoplelogic has been able to provide the leadership team with insight into:


The processes that are leading to disconnected new hires and how it affects overall team productivity.


The teams that are hitting maximum capacity and will need to create strong new hire training/onboarding structures.


Which employees are at a high risk of burnout across the organization and why (too many meetings, not enough connections, etc.)

"Our unique algorithm, StayFactor, helps show which employees are at the highest risk of leaving. Combining it with the insights we get on process health allows managers and leaders to address burnout in real-time by highlighting the strains felt by each team and employee."

- Matt Schmidt, CEO of Peoplelogic

Сonnecting with Peoplelogic.

With Peoplelogic, Metadata was able to see an imbalance of work while specific members of the team were more disconnected than others. The leadership team was able to share insights gleaned from Peoplelogic’s StayFactor and the platform’s organizational network analysis that translated to actionable solutions pre-attrition leading to high retention throughout 2021.

From Startup to Scale-Up. Peoplelogic Can Help.

Many scaling companies are attempting to manage their organizational health exclusively through employee surveys. However, growth becomes increasingly difficult withthefrustration and stressthat comes with burnout. Peoplelogic empowers leadersby usingtheirteam'sdatato predict growing pains and provide actionable solutions for healthy and sustainable growth.

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