Quick Overview of Peoplelogic and Solving Employee Attrition

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Leading is tough. Understanding the best metrics to measure and trends to focus on is amperative for successful organizational health. Here is a collection of articles, resources and blogs to help you in your quest to continue to promote employee engagement and operational efficiency.


Managing all your team and project activities can be easy and convenient by connecting Basecamp with Peoplelogic.ai. Peoplelogic.ai generates useful and meaningful stats and insights based on your activities that helps your organization move towards success.

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Peoplelogic’s integration with Asana produces insights on your projects and tasks and provides you with recommendations that helps your organization be more successful.

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Tracking events on your collaborative design tools made easy with Peoplelogic.ai by turning your data into meaningful information.



By integrating Trello with Peoplelogic.ai, you’ll never have to go through all your boards and check every card status to see the overall output of every team. Peoplelogic.ai will generate helpful recommendations for you based on the actions taken across every board.

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SwiftKanban is an industry-leading Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban tool for Agile teams and organizations who want to use the Kanban Method to accelerate their Lean/ Agile initiatives to become “fit-for-purpose” and achieve better business outcomes.It integrates with JIRA, TFS and over 50 DevOps/ ALM/ CRM tools.

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