Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict employee turnover?

With StayFactor™️ you can more accurately predict employee turnover while also receiving real-time recommendations to create happier employees and ultimately a healthier organization.

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Turnover is expensive!

StayFactor can help your company gain early warning signs into potential employee turnover and can ultimately help you reduce employee attrition.


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Calculate Employee Turnover Costs

It can tricky to understand the true cost of employee turnover. Sure, there are the measurable items such as recruitment costs, job advertising fees, and so on. However, the intangibles such as a loss of relationship equity, the time it takes to train up a new team member, perception of employees and customers when someone valuable leaves…you get the picture. Based on decades of research, here is a quick and simple calculator to help estimate the potential cost of employee turnover in your organization.

Potentially Annual Savings with Peoplelogic’s StayFactor™️


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So what exactly is StayFactor?

StayFactor helps managers and leaders predict unwanted employee attrition. By providing early warning indicators, StayFactor gives a real-time score for each employee as well as recommendations to mitigate unwanted turnover.

How does StayFactor predict employee attrition?

By working in the background with all of your existing tools as well as using a breadth of industry benchmarks and publicly available data, StayFactor can predict, with great accuracy, when an employee is at risk for leaving your company.

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