An Unprecedented Vantage Point

With no analytical or technical resources required, Peoplelogic quickly lets you understand and use your team’s data like never before.

Real-Time Recommendations

Smart Recommendation Engine Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Natural Language Insights Engine

Performance Metrics
Combine Data From Any Integration in Seconds
Identify Process Breakdowns and Bottlenecks

All of Your Team’s Data, Accessible and Actionable in One Place

Daily Updates
Weekly Summaries
Completely Customizable Dashboards

StayFactor™ Analytics

Individual StayFactor™
Team StayFactor™
Organizational StayFactor™

Unlimited Access for Team Members

Individualized Insights
Personal KPIs
Day-to-Day Optimization

Understanding How Work Really Gets Done 

Automated Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)
Visualize Collaboration
Onboarding and Attrition Alerts

Integrations Made Easy

Unlock the Hidden Narrative in Your Data