An Unprecedented Vantage Point

With no analytical or technical resources required, Peoplelogic quickly lets you understand and use your team’s data like never before.

Real-Time Recommendations

Smart Recommendation Engine Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Natural Language Insights Engine

Performance Metrics
Daily Capacity & Utilization Snapshots
Identify Process Breakdowns and Bottlenecks

A Personalized Blueprint for Success

Daily Updates
Weekly Summaries
Monthly Reports

StayFactor™ Analytics

Individual StayFactor™
Team StayFactor™
Organizational StayFactor™

Give Every Employee Access

Individualized Insights
Personal KPIs
Day-to-Day Optimization

Understanding How Work Really Gets Done 

Automated Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)
Process Optimization
Capacity and Utilization Reporting

Integrations Made Easy

Unlock the Hidden Narrative in Your Data