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Unlock insights for improving team engagement, process effectiveness, and overall organizational health.

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Skip the Surveys. Get Better Insights. Surveys have been used to capture employee engagement and satisfaction, but often they are too little too late. Peoplelogic leverages existing systems, platforms, and communications to predict employee engagement and even provide an early warning sing of potential employee attrition.

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Keep a real-time pulse on your organizational health score and how its trending.


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Peoplelogic works in the background and delivers the insights on a silver platter.


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You will have immediate access to 3 key ways to improve org health each day.

What is Organizational Health?

The key to provide a profitable and scalable organization is to maintain efficient processes and promoting employee engagement. If either break down, your company could be at risk. Organizational health is the practice of focusing on both people and process to maintain a growing, profitable organization.

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Improving Organizational Health.

Real companies, real results.

I was finally able to see data-driven insights [...] over different periods of time. Peoplelogic lets me prioritize issues based [...] effect it’s having on the team and even includes actionable recommendations on next steps.

ColoWrap has started using Peoplelogic and it has been a game changer. As managers it is more important now than ever to keep our employees engaged and encouraged.

Peoplelogic gave us an early warning sign with StayFactor on 3 of our engineers. It proved to be accurate making StayFactor an incredibly valuable asset in our toolbelt.

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It’s a People + Process Thing.

People are the core of any business - they make it run. They are the buyers and sellers, the creatives and the engineers. Thorough processes also play a critical role.

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