We bring all your employee data under one algorithm

With the data your team creates every day across your tools, we provide automatic, continuous, and unbiased insights and recommendations to improve engagement levels across your team.

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It's time to get the facts that back up your feelings

You have the feeling engagement is low across your organization, but it’s difficult to prove it. Now you can show your leaders the effect engagement has on your team.

Leverage the untapped potential of employee data

In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with fresh insights on gathering and utilizing  data that can help drive meaningful improvements. Our playbook provides actionable insights into how employee experience data can improve the following employee & team performance, company culture, employee & customer retention, and much more.

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Get all your data translated into one actionable score

Our patent-pending algorithms continuously combine factors of engagement and burnout into one score, StayFactor™. It combines activity levels, meeting durations, collaboration levels, work-life balance, tenure, and more. Allocate your time and resources to what is affecting the employee experience now.

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Discover visual patterns of collaboration

Our Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) Graph can help you see internal collaboration patterns as well as silos and bottlenecks. It uses statistical and graphical models to highlight the most connected and disconnected employees, those with the highest influence in your teams, and the bridges of information within your organization.

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Get real-time visibility into employee engagement

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive automatic notifications when an employee is showing signs of disengagement or that a process is becoming inefficient? With Peoplelogic’s automatic insights and recommendations, you can always stay up to date on the changing promoters and detractors of engagement and organizational health.

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Engage your teams
at all levels

Peoplelogic supports all users in championing engagement. Teams can align on engagement initiatives with the ability to see aggregated data across employees, teams, and departments.

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Unlock superpowers for your managers

Peoplelogic provides valuable insights at a team level, allowing managers to identify areas that need support and make data-backed decisions. Better understand the promoters and detractors of the employee experience to address in your 1:1s, team meetings, and performance reviews. Improve team performance and engagement by creating a positive work environment.

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Discover where your resources go

Modern HR & People Teams need sophisticated tools and technology to help combine individual feedback with unbiased, data-driven insights. Continuous, automated engagement measurements allow you to see where the organization is increasing, decreasing, or staying neutral AND why. You can then direct your energy and resources accordingly.

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Drive organizational motivation with engagement as a strategy

Employee engagement is a critical factor for the growth and sustainability of an organization. Insights can inform decisions about addressing disengagement, improving organizational structure, talent management, and evaluating the effectiveness of new initiatives. By using Peoplelogic, the C-level can foster a positive company culture, build a loyal and motivated workforce, and drive long-term success.

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It's time to
upgrade your data

Continuous employee experience software can give you insights into employee and team engagement while it is changing.

Upgrade your team’s ability to improve retention and drive productivity.

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