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Organizational Health Simplified.

Peoplelogic makes it simple to get a high-level snapshot of your organizational health in two minutes or less, every day. But you don’t have to stop there. You can drill down deep to understand the interactions, connections, and health of your people and processes on an individual level.

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Connect to the Tools You Already Use Everyday.

30+ Integrations

Forget adding more tools and complicated steps to pull down data and crunch numbers. Peoplelogic plays nice with your existing tools and does all the heavy lifting for you! Get your Organizational Health Score delivered without having to crunch any numbers.

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Insights Delivered without Lifting a Finger.

Peoplelogic continuously works as hard as your team to understand what is going well and what can be even better. Once your tools are connected, you will get real-time insights into your organizational health. You’ll never have to crunch a number, send a survey, or fiddle with complex tools again.

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Our team of seasoned enterpreneurs and executives is dedicated towards using their experience plus the power of technology to positively influence organizational health.

Real-time, interactive depiction of your team’s connectivity, engagement, and productivity in relation to your organization’s health.

Catch a glimpse into a team member's engagement with your organization and receive early warning indicators of unwanted attrition.

With millions of interactions assessed, Peoplelogic intelligently presents tips to improve organizational health, making leading easier than ever.

Unlocking Insights. Unleashing Potential.

Whether traditional, remote, or hybrid, companies use tools to improve collaboration, efficiencies, and employee engagement. Unfortunately, crucial data points are often lost between the human interactions and the countless systems in place to streamline processes. Peoplelogic unlocks those hidden insights and provides tips to improve overall organizational health.

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