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Helping you understand how your business gets work done. Get automated recommendations and insights using your Intercom data.

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Better Understand Your Team


Use for Intercom to get a better understanding on how your team is using the platform and easily pass usage data into your Peoplelogic account. Peoplelogic aggregates and analyzes your team’s Intercom usage to automate prescriptive guidance and insights for managers and help you understand where bottlenecks may exist in your workflows.

Data-Driven Management is an employee experience and people analytics tool for managers. The platform provides a beacon that ensures the alignment, development, and performance of teams and the people that make them.

Guidance at Your Fingertips


The for Intercom integration allows you to track conversations created and customer interactions and pass that information directly into Peoplelogic for analysis. Peoplelogic for Intercom was built to help managers:

  • Get automated recommendations and insights around their team’s activities
  • Deliver individualized guidance to managers
  • Spot trends in employee engagement and productivity

Improve Team Performance


With for Intercom, you get an even clearer picture of when your team performs at its best, how people prefer to work, and identify any hang-ups effortlessly.