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Peoplelogic helps you understand how work in your organization gets done while also empowering your management team to make the best data-driven decisions. In this new remote-first world, you’ve got to provide your management teams with real-time insights so they can improve performance and productivity. With Peoplelogic, you can proactively quantify and optimize:

  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Work-life balance & burnout risk
  • Employee attrition
  • Customer churn


Peoplelogic quickly informs you on the most important things going on in your team’s day-today sales activities—allowing you to identify and replicate best practices. All of your team’s data, whether or not it is in your CRM, is accessible in one central location. Identify opportunities for coaching and developing while also understanding:

  • How much and what type of work goes into closing deals
  • Average deal size compared to sales activities
  • Inefficient processes that are blocking deals

People Operations

As a People Operations professional, you are always looking for the best way to develop and manage their management teams and employees. As a fast growing company, you’ve got to empower your management teams with data-driven management at scale. With Peoplelogic:

  • Get continuous, real-time performance management
  • Improve productivity with team benchmarking and employee dashboards so they can optimize their day-today
  • Quantify the employee and manager experience—ensure employees are engaged, happy, and balanced

Customer Success

Peoplelogic can help you understand the capacity and utilization of your Customer Success teams and make sure they aren’t burning out and you have the resources available to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. By connecting to your team’s support tools you can start understanding:

  • Daily support volume
  • Time to first reply
  • Tickets opened vs. tickets closed

Product & Engineering

As a Product and Engineer leader you’ve learned to master the art of creating workflows and processes, but do you know where your team is getting hung up? Peoplelogic ensures your engineers are following processes, identifies inefficiencies, and gives you automated recommendations to improve your team’s performance. With Peoplelogic:

  • Understand where processes are breaking down
  • View the progress of the entire team, no matter where they work
  • Protect development by receiving recommendations that enforce engineering best practices

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Integrating with the Best

Get automated prescriptive guidance and insights from Peoplelogic.ai directly within Slack.


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Get a better understanding on how your team is using Zoom and easily pass usage data into your Peoplelogic account.


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Peoplelogic aggregates and analyzes your team’s GSuite usage to automate prescriptive guidance and insights for managers.


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Helping you understand how your business gets work done. Get automated recommendations and insights using your Intercom data.


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Connected to the Tools Your Teams Love to Use

Peoplelogic connects to the tools your teams use to get work done with a few clicks. The platform will start to notice workflow patterns, detect repeated interactions, and discover critical lines of communication—guiding you to take actionable steps to optimize your workflows to boost employee performance, reduce churn, and reduce costs.

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“I appreciate the prompts and reminders that Peoplelogic provides me to ensure I’m providing my team what they need to perform optimally. Larger businesses have benefitted from these sorts of tools for years, so I’m pleased that there’s an affordable option for smaller organizations.”
Alicia Parr
Alicia ParrPrincipal
“Is your company struggling with management of employees in the new remote world we are living in? ColoWrap has started using the Peoplelogic.ai app and it has been a game changer. As managers it is more important now more than ever to keep our employees engaged and encouraged.”​
Kristin Bugbee
Kristin BugbeeChief of Staff

Why Peoplelogic?

Let Employees Optimize Their Day-to-Day

Understand How Work Gets Done


Peoplelogic helps you and your management teams better understand your people, processes, and productivity. Ensure your managers are empowered with real-time data streams and automated prescriptive guidance to keep your customers, colleagues, and stakeholders happy. 


Peoplelogic for Executive Teams

Clone Your Top Performers


Get a better understanding of what makes your reps tick and what actions lead to closing more deals even when all of the data isn’t in your CRM. With Peoplelogic, you’ll better understand what makes an individual successful so you can replicate behaviors and close more deals.


Peoplelogic for Sales

Measure and Track KPIs in Real Time
Automated Prescriptive Recommendations

Build a Best in Class Management Team


Did you know that bad managers cost U.S. businesses over $360 billion a year in lost team productivity? 65% of employees would take a new boss over a raise. With Peoplelogic, you can automate recommendations and actionable insights to ensure your management team is making the right decisions. 


Peoplelogic for People Ops

Reduce Customer Churn


Overworked customer success reps interacting with your customers is risky.  By connecting to your support platforms, Peoplelogic empowers support leaders to reduce burnout, identify bottlenecks, and keep your team engaged. Get real-time reports that help you understand capacity, utilization, response times, and what actions drive customer success.


Peoplelogic for Support

StayFactor is Scored Based on Personality, Performance, and Tenure
Never Download a CSV Again—Use the Insights Engine to Get Answers

Increase Performance and Productivity


Understand how your engineers prefer to work and how they prefer to be managed. Built-in productivity, performance, and KPI tracking makes sure every engineer is working towards the team’s deadlines and goals. Make daily standups data-driven and reduce the frequency of costly meetings.


Peoplelogic for Product & Engineering

Become More Efficient


We offer an easy-to-use, affordable platform that helps measure your team’s processes, productivity, and performance. Why is that important?

👉 Track the progress of your entire team and the individuals that make it

👉 Mitigate risks 

👉 Spot bottlenecks and find process improvements

👉 Get the big picture of how your team is working, functioning, and growing


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