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Trusting and helpful.

The Trait

The Agreeableness trait is a measure of how easily an individual can get along with other people. Those who are more agreeable tend be more patient and empathetic toward others. Those who rank lower in agreeableness tend to be more blunt about their opinions.

Have a team member high in agreeableness?


nvolve them in onboarding new hires and assimilation activities.

Be open and vulnerable, working to build an honest connection; encourage them to consider their own needs, as well. Askfor their honest opinion. 

Have a team member low in agreeableness?

Be direct and clear when sharing your perspective, remaining patient and encouraging them to express themselves more gently; allow them space to reflect, if neccessary. 

Understand your people and how they work best. Peoplelogic’s personality profiles evolve as our platform learns from an employee’s accomplishments, behavior, and recommendations.

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