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Emotional Range (Neuroticism)

Emotional Range / Neuroticism

Emotional stability and self-confidence.

The Trait

The Neuroticism trait, otherwise known as emotional range,  is a measure of a person’s emotional stability and self-confidence. Those who rank higher in neuroticism tend to be more easily upset and less comfortable with themselves. Those who rank lower in neuroticism tend to be more secure and evenly tempered.

Have a team member high in emotional range?

Be Supportive and encouraging; offer help, when needed, and understand the hardship they may be experiencing. 

These are the individuals you may need to focus on a bit more in these turbulent times. Balance your 1:1 time with them to check in and see how they’re doing personally in addition to discussing any challenges they may be facing. 

Have a team member low in emotional range?

Involve them in change efforts as your change champions, helping to articulate the vision and ideal outcome.

Be open and communicate clearly; remain positive and upbeat, encouraging them to spread their positive thinking. 

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