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Happy, friendly, and sociable. 

The Trait

The Extraversion trait is a measure of how energetic, friendly, and sociable a person is. Those who are more extraverted tend to draw energy from being around others. Those who rank lower in extraversion tend to prefer being by themselves. 

Have a team member high in extraversion?

Offer up opportunities to speak and present at team meetings in a structured way.

Connect with them on a personal level by asking questions and being engaging, allowing them to process their thoughts out loud. Make sure they’ve been heard by repeating their main points back to them.

Have a team member high in extraversion?

Solicit their thoughts and feedback in a 1:1 setting.

Rooting out these team member’s ideation process can be helpful in blocking out time for both focused work and thought work.

Allow them to have their space when they feel overwhelmed; avoid small-talk and appreciate their careful, thought-out communication. 

Understand your people and how they work best. Peoplelogic’s personality profiles evolve as our platform learns from an employee’s accomplishments, behavior, and recommendations.

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