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Open-minded, imaginative, creative.

The Trait

The Openness Trait assesses how open-minded, imaginative, creative, and insightful a person is. Those who are more open tend to be more willing to listen to multiple viewpoints or try new things. Those who are lower in openness tend to be averse to change and skeptical of new ideas. 

Have a team member high in openness?

Involve them in change efforts as your change champions, helping to articulate the vision and ideal outcome. 

Be direct, attentive, and vulnerable, when necessary. Offer insightful ideas or observations and allow them to share their perspective honestly. 

Have a team member low in openness?

Involve them in analytical tasks such as reporting on team metrics and progress.

Respect their values and traditions, allowing them to live in a comfortable routine; offer them support and encourage them to feel comfortable expressing themselves when they need to do so. 

Understand your people and how they work best. Peoplelogic’s personality profiles evolve as our platform learns from an employee’s accomplishments, behavior, and recommendations.

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