Quick Overview of Peoplelogic and Solving Employee Attrition

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Accelerate Engineering Velocity

Accelerate Development Velocity

Great Engineering teams track their velocity and work to improve it. With Peoplelogic, we help you improve your team’s velocity using automation. 

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How Does Peoplelogic Help Engineering Teams Improve Velocity?

Automated Recommendations Mitigate Delivery Risks



Get automated recommendations and insights when your team’s workload begins to become unbalanced. By being proactive, Peoplelogic gives you a unique opportunity to ensure deliverability risks take a backseat and your team can focus on hitting their goals. 


Get Ahead of Risks

Identify Bottlenecks in the Delivery Pipeline


The delivery pipeline is a complex system that involves each step from ticket creation to story delivery. Having visibility into the throughput of your delivery pipeline empowers you to identify and fix bottlenecks—improving your team’s velocity.

Identify & Fix Bottlenecks

pipeline metrics

Understand the Interruptions

Does your team have schedules that are all over the place? Is your team spread across the globe? Do they have to contend between writing code and going to yet another meeting? What about undefined edge cases, design issues, and scope creep? With Peoplelogic, you can map how your team gets work done and automatically identify potential risks that slow down your team’s velocity.

Understand Your Team Better

Helping Engineering Leaders automate optimization.

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