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It is our mission to empower leaders to use the data they have at their fingertips to make better decisions on how to run their team, optimize performance, and develop their employees. 

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How Does Peoplelogic Help People Operations?


The Next Normal Requires a New Approach.

Peoplelogic surfaces and acknowledges your rock stars, but also makes sure somebody who needs some help isn’t being left in the dust. The platform highlights the coachable opportunities and insights just as much as the congratulatory and success-driven ones.  

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Give Managers the Tools to be Successful.

Employees deserve more autonomy, flexibility, and agility—but how do you tie those values back to performance? Your team is generating a TON of valuable data—and you can capitalize on that to gain a deeper understanding of your team and increase your connection to them, without getting overwhelmed by the noise. 

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Manage Flight Risk and Engagement.

Peoplelogic’s proprietary StayFactor measures the employee and manager experience. StayFactor ebbs and flows, quantifying positive and negative impacts.

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Automate a Strengths-Based Culture.

By incorporating the activities, behaviors, and personalities of members on your team, Peoplelogic can deliver a personalized plan to help you drive performance. Our platform automatically surfaces recommendations, keeping employees more productive, engaged, and accountable—while giving you a holistic and data-driven understanding of the most crucial levers for success.

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Predictive Personality Profiles

Understand your people and how they work best. Peoplelogic’s personality profiles evolve as our platform learns from an employee’s accomplishments, behavior, and recommendations.

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Helping you understand how work gets done.

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Product Teams

See how the employee experience shifts when approaching a deadline, understand when your engineers are most productive, and which team member isn’t reviewing code.

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Sales Teams

Use the data from your CRM and sales tools to get a better understanding of what makes your reps tick, what actions lead to closing more deals, and identify red flags proactively.

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Support Teams

By connecting to your support platforms, Peoplelogic empowers support team managers to reduce burnout, identify bottlenecks, and keep your team engaged.

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Executive Teams

Superior engagement, performance, and a better employee experience starts with data-driven management—we automate that process.

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