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Peoplelogic for Product & Engineering

Managing a team is hard. It doesn’t have to be though—with Peoplelogic, you get real-time guidance using the data your team is already producing.

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How Does Peoplelogic Help Product & Engineering Teams?

Remote Team? No Problem.


Does your team have schedules that are all over the place? Is your team spread across the globe? While remote work is becoming more common, the training around remote team management is lacking. Peoplelogic gives you a complete view of what’s happening across all the tools your team uses, and loves—preventing you from becoming a micro-manger. 


Improve Remote Team Management

Become the Leader Your Team Needs


Do you wish you could be a more effective team leader? Peoplelogic will give you a high-level overview of your team, but also makes diving into the data easy. We help you understand your team on a deeper level, by automating guidance to help you become the manager you always wanted to be.


Become a Better Manager

StayFactor™ Improves Team Health



Have you ever wondered what high-pressure, rigorous deadlines do to your team? StayFactor will measure your team’s employee and manager experience and the overall well-being of your team. With Peoplelogic you can keep tabs on how an individual’s experience ebbs and flows, but most importantly what actions have a positive or negative impact.



Measure Team Health

Helping you understand how work gets done.

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Sales Teams

Use the data from your CRM and sales tools to get a better understanding of what makes your reps tick, what actions lead to closing more deals, and identify red flags proactively. ​

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Support Teams

By connecting to your support platforms, Peoplelogic empowers support team managers to reduce burnout, identify bottlenecks, and keep your team engaged.

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People Ops

It is our mission to empower managers to use the data they have at their fingertips to make better decisions on how to run their team, optimize performance, and develop their employees.

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Superior engagement, performance, and a better employee experience starts with data-driven management—we automate that process.

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