Increase productivity and performance with engagement

In today’s competitive job market, organizations need to attract and retain top talent. Employee engagement plays a vital role in both areas. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with their organization, reducing turnover and the associated costs of recruiting and training new hires. 

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Why is engagement so important?

Companies with healthy levels of employee engagement experience:  


lower turnover


higher productivity


more innovation


Only 23% of the world’s employees are engaged

Employee engagement is essential in today’s workplace because it leads to increased productivity, higher retention rates, improved customer satisfaction, an innovative culture, and overall organizational success. Despite all the benefits, many companies are struggling to maintain high engagement.  


Measure & improve engagement in real-time

Peoplelogics platform helps you measure and manage engagement levels across the employee and organizational lifecycles. By directly connecting to the tools in your tech stack, you’ll receive automatic engagement scores, an organizational network analysis graph, and real-time insights and recommendations that show when and where engagement levels are increasing or decreasing.

Discover how to increase team engagement

If you’re looking to increase engagement levels across your org, you need to try Peoplelogic. Measure and manage engagement in real time while receiving pointed, continuous insights and recommendations on how to improve it. 

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Actively managing engagement improves the employee experience

Decreased turnover

Peoplelogic lowers voluntary attrition and increases overall retention rates. By understanding whats going on across your tools, see what is contributing to lower engagement levels. 

Greater innovation

Employees finds who are challenged and engaged are more likely to come up with will be newideas andinnovations. This can, help businesses improve processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Productivity & performance

Peoplelogic finds where your processes are experiencing bottlenecks and creating unnecessary stress. Engaged employees will be motivated to go above and beyond, resulting in improved overall performance and increased productivity.

Improved customer satisfaction

Peoplelogic helps engage employees who have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. When employees are engaged, they are more likely to provide exceptional customer service, go the extra mile, and build strong relationships with customers.

“Our goal is to be a positive and supportive organization, so we wanted a cutting-edge tool that would help us keep engagement high. We rely on essential technology to provide the best experience to our clients at a reasonable cost. That’s why we partnered with Peoplelogic. It helps us maintain an engaged and motivated company culture while our employees continue to provide impeccable service.”

Elizabeth Gallo, Owner and Operator of EGCR

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