Maintain engagement through offboarding

Employee offboarding is the process of separating an employee from an organization. It can be a challenging time for both the employee and the organization, and it is important to measure the success of the offboarding process to ensure that it is as smooth and efficient as possible. 

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Why is offboarding so important?

Companies with healthy offboarding processes experience:  


less negative reviews


increase in employee engagement


more knowledge retainment


Bad offboarding impacts operations and reputation

Companies face barriers such as lack of awareness, resource constraints, and inadequate processes/systems which can impede their focus on improving employee offboarding structures. Addressing these barriers requires a shift in mindset, allocation of resources, and leadership commitment to recognizing the importance of employee offboarding.


Offboarding is crucial to engagement and performance

Peoplelogic can help teams implement a well-structured offboarding process by measuring what needs to be reallocated, who should take on the additional work, and identifying informal influencers on the team. This will promote a positive employee experience, retain valuable knowledge, and maintain efficient processes, all while upholding the employer brand.

Discover insights that improve offboarding

If you’re looking to improve your offboarding processes, you need to try PeoplelogicMeasuring collaboration and productivity levels can help maintain a positive employee experience and ensure a smooth transition.

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Knowledge retention & transfer

Effective offboarding processes ensure the seamless transfer of knowledge and responsibilities from departing employees to their successors, minimizing disruptions and preserving critical institutional knowledge within the organization.

Increased employee satisfaction

By providing a positive offboarding experience, organizations demonstrate care and appreciation for departing employees, leaving a lasting impression and contributing to overall employee satisfaction.

Cost reduction

Effective offboarding reduces costs associated with turnover, recruitment, and training, as organizations can retain valuable knowledge and skills, avoid rehiring for the same position, and tap into alumni networks for potential future hires.

Employee engagement & retention

Positive offboarding experiences can have a positive impact on remaining employees, enhancing engagement, morale, and loyalty. This, in turn, can contribute to increased employee retention rates and a more positive company culture.

“Peoplelogic helped us prepare for tough conversations with our team; coming with a data-backed understanding of what was causing frustration and burnout. This gave us the ability to provide realistic solutions that would not only help the individuals, but the entire team. Compared to the loss of even a single valuable team member, Peoplelogic’s value to Corevist is immeasurable.”

Susan Wall, Chief Operations Officer at Corevist

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