Be an onboarding hero with intelligent insights

Employee onboarding is a critical period for both the employee and the organization, as it sets the foundation for the employee’s and organization’s success.
Using engagement and collaboration insights can help you create a well-designed onboarding program that will make new employees feel welcome, supported, and up to speed quickly and effectively. This all leads to increased productivity, decreased turnover, and improved employee satisfaction in the long run.

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Why is onboarding so important?

Companies with a strong, effective onboarding process experience:


greater new hire productivity


higher retention over three years


more engaged new hires


Not all onboarding programs are created equal.

Some programs are more effective than others. The problem is that many organizations don’t have a systematic way to quantitatively measure the success of their onboarding programs. This makes it difficult to identify areas for improvement.


Real-time insights to create a personalized experience.

Peoplelogic enables teams to integrate new hires into the social network, re-allocate workloads effectively, and identify various strengths and weaknesses early. With these engagement and collaboration insights, you can have better conversations, more strategic initiatives, and understand what’s working better than ever before.

Drive engagement with real-time onboarding insights

If you’re looking to improve the success of your onboarding program with data-backed insights, you need to try Peoplelogic. Experience a better way to establish new hire foundations.

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Onboarding leads to higher engagement and performance. 

Increased Productivity

Peoplelogic can help you increase productivity by helping new employees get up to speed. It can also give you a holistic measurement of activity, giving you the ability to reallocate work effectively.

Stronger Connections

By understanding how a new employee is collaborating with their new team, you can direct meeting and connection opportunities in the right places. These stronger connections often lead to higher performance and engagement.

Decreased Turnover

Peoplelogic can help you decrease turnover by helping new employees become engaged and integrated in the team. Creating that foundation early on helps retain employees for longer.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Peoplelogic can help you improve employee satisfaction by providing a positive onboarding experience. Fast integration into a new team leads to higher engagement and quicker time to contribution.

“Peoplelogic allows us to measure onboarding through data that would otherwise be spread across various platforms. By combining collaboration and productivity data, we can visually see a new employee get up to speed and know where to focus our efforts for improvement.”

Stephanie Fordham, Head of People Operations at Kennected

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