People Intelligence for Your Teams

Understand your people, productivity, and performance to improve operational effectiveness.


Eric founded his company, which provides automated receipt tracking and reimbursement for employees, back in 2015. After identifying product market fit, they were rapidly growing going from a team of 4 to a team of 198 in 2020.

Engineering Leaders

Mark was at a loss of words. His two top engineers had told him on the same day that they had decided to leave the organization. How was it possible that Mark didn’t see this coming? What was he going to do—he could never replace their intensive product knowledge and was panicked at how the rest of the team was going to respond.

Support Leaders

Jeff had a problem—his customer NPS score was dropping steadily and his team started to fracture. They were missing goals, losing clients, and getting frustrated.

Sales Leaders

The CEO and Sales Operations manager of a well-known and highly transactional software company came to Peoplelogic looking to better understand their Sales team. They knew who the top performers were and they knew who the bottom performers were, but they wanted to establish a series of best practices that could help elevate the entire team.

Product Leaders

The VP of Product at a software company came to Peoplelogic looking for a solution to help her manage her team more effectively. She had hit her wits end and was completely blurring the lines of work and life, feeling burnt out. She needed help, but didn’t want to overwhelm her team, nor did she want to mention to the rest of the executive team that she was having trouble performing at her best.

People Operations

The People Operations leader at a fast growing technology company that had just recently closed a large round of external funding came to us with a problem—they were losing some of their top performers and didn’t know why.

Automated mission control for teams.