Peoplelogic Makes Growth Scalable

Peoplelogic is a platform that monitors, alerts, and predicts outcomes around immediate risks and opportunities within your business

Mission Control for Teams


Attrition, customer retention, and stalled growth keeping you up at night? Get a dedicated mission control team that protects growth 24/7, 365.


Understand why your team members are more productive during certain hours, identify and fix bottlenecks, and nail your deadlines.


Automatically know where up-sell opportunities exist, understand what makes your best reps most productive, and keep your allstars from jumping ship.


Flag potential customer flight risks, reduce the potential for burnout on your team, and get a better understanding on which customers aren't so profitable after all.

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Everything you need to keep your organization, team, and colleagues’ growth on track—in one easy-to-use platform

"Is your company struggling with management of employees in the new remote world we are living in? ColoWrap has started using the app and it has been a game changer. As managers it is more important now more than ever to keep our employees engaged and encouraged."
Kristin Bugbee
Chief of Staff at ColoWrap

Integrating with the Best

Get automated prescriptive guidance and insights from directly within Slack.

Get a better understanding on how your team is using Zoom and easily pass usage data into your Peoplelogic account.

Peoplelogic aggregates and analyzes your team’s GSuite usage to automate prescriptive guidance and insights for managers.

Helping you understand how your business gets work done. Get automated recommendations and insights using your Intercom data.

Connected to the Tools Your Teams Love to Use serves as mission control for your teams. The platform provides insights around how your teams are working amongst themselves and cross-functionally. The platform allows you to spot and correct issues before they become costly problems.

Why Peoplelogic?

Monitor the Health of Your Company in Real Time


Peoplelogic keeps an eye on the health of your company 24/7, 365—so you can focus your time where it really counts. 

Mitigate Risks—Internally and Externally is redefining the way in which leaders manage, optimize, and grow their businesses. While traditionally having to base business decisions on gut feelings and experience—the next normal requires a new approach, one rooted in real-time data and fact. 

Make Data Useable, Prescriptive, and Actionable


Now that most businesses are truly tech and cloud-enabled—there is a surplus of valuable data that can help businesses achieve the operation excellency that truly drives growth. This new world requires a tool that makes that data useable, prescriptive, and actionable—without any heavy lifting— is that tool. 

Your first team is free forever! Additional teams only $49/month. 


Transforming the Way Your Company Gets Business Done


Identify Bottlenecks in Team Communication


Ensure Your Team Members Aren't at Risk for Burnout


Reduce Cross-Team Workflow Breakdown


Quantify NPS Variance by Employee and Customer


Measure Time, Money, and Effort Required to Maintain Customer Portfolio


Proactively Identify OKRs that Are Off-Track and Course Correct

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people analytics, performance management, employee experience

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people analytics, performance management, employee experience

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people analytics, performance management, employee experience

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