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We connect insights about your team, processes, and customers to help predict and prevent attrition, bottlenecks, and churn.

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You can save over $10,000 dollars lost to broken processes, customer churn, and employee dissatisfaction.

$360 Billion

The amount U.S. businesses lose every single year due to broken processes and bad management. 


The percentage of a dissatisfied employee’s salary that is lost in absenteeism, low productivity, and lower performance.


The annual cost of one wasteful 45-minute meeting per week with a team of seven members due to lack of insight. 

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Everything you need to keep your organization, team, and colleagues’ growth on track—in one easy-to-use platform


Not only do we help identify business optimizations like reducing wasted time and increasing employee satisfaction, but we can also help you spot potential issues around customers to increase your retention and help deliver a superior employee experience which reduces attrition. These are problems all growing companies face—and trust us we get it, we’ve been there.

That’s why we’ve decided to make perfectly affordable, easy to use, and stupid simple to achieve an ROI. We’re partners in your growth, onwards and upwards! 


Integrating with the Best

Get automated prescriptive guidance and insights from directly within Slack.

Get a better understanding on how your team is using Zoom and easily pass usage data into your Peoplelogic account.

Peoplelogic aggregates and analyzes your team’s GSuite usage to automate prescriptive guidance and insights for managers.

Helping you understand how your business gets work done. Get automated recommendations and insights using your Intercom data.

Connected to the Tools Your Teams Love to Use

Peoplelogic connects to the tools your teams use to get work done with a few clicks. The platform will start to notice workflow patterns, detect repeated interactions, and discover critical lines of communication—guiding you to take actionable steps to optimize your workflows to boost employee performance, reduce churn, and reduce costs.

Peoplelogic is a powerful AI-augmented platform that learn the ins and outs of your team, surfacing high-value, actionable insights, guidance, and recommendations.

people analytics, performance management, employee experience

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people analytics, performance management, employee experience

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people analytics, performance management, employee experience

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Why Peoplelogic?

Improve Employee Satisfaction, Increase Performance and Productivity


According to Gallup, a disgruntled team member could be costing upwards of 34% of their salary due to higher absenteeism, lower productivity, and lower performance. Proactively identify team members who may be falling behind and deliver a superior employee experience to help them mesh their goals with the company’s.

Optimize Workflows and Processes in Your Business


Identify and fix bottlenecks proactively to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline how business gets done within your organization.

Stop wasting time on unnecessary meetings and get growth back on track.

Insights that Keep You Ahead of Customer Churn & Employee Attrition


Imagine being able to proactively identify a potential flight risk with one of your customers or one of your employees. Peoplelogic not only flags the warning signs, but prescriptively offer suggestions on how to mitigate the loss of a customer or the loss of an employee. You can’t afford to lose your best customers and team members when you are scaling up. 

Build a Best in Class Management Team Without Trainings Costs


Did you know that bad managers cost U.S. businesses over $360 billion a year in lost team productivity? 65% of employees would take a new boss over a raise. With Peoplelogic, you can automate recommendations and actionable insights to ensure your management team is making the right decisions. 

Give Every Employee Access to Their Own Insights & Recommendations


Within the platform, employees are able to view their StayFactor score, input their skills, receive predictive personality insights, and get analytics and recommendations around activity, performance, and productivity.  

Automated mission control for teams.


Transforming the Way Your Company Gets Business Done


Identify Bottlenecks in Team Communication


Ensure Your Team Members Aren't at Risk for Burnout


Reduce Cross-Team Workflow Breakdown


Quantify NPS Variance by Employee and Customer


Measure Time, Money, and Effort Required to Maintain Customer Portfolio


Proactively Identify OKRs that Are Off-Track and Course Correct