Nine out of ten businesses will fail. We make sure you're the one that doesn't.

Peoplelogic is a People Intelligence platform that stitches together your team’s data into actionable insights that help you understand your people and make better decisions. 

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Understand How Work Gets Done—Improve Trust


The way in which we work and prefer to work has evolved more quickly than ever imagined. The modern company has to empower flexibility and autonomy but an inherent lack of trust erodes performance, productivity, and accountability. 

Understand Your People—Reduce Attrition and Retain Talent


An employee’s experience at your organization starts and stops with their manager. In many cases, an employee will choose to leave a company based on how positive, or unfortunately, how negative these interactions were. Peoplelogic helps leaders better understand their people and deliver a superior employee experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making—Improve Performance and Protect Capacity


Peoplelogic is the first People Intelligence platform, improving performance, utilization, and accountability—reimagining what it is to be data-driven. Unlock the insights hidden within your organization’s data fabric to empower leaders and managers to make better decisions, faster.  

No Analytical or Technical Resources Required


Peoplelogic quickly lets you understand and use your organizational people data like never before. The tool can be used to quantify capacity and utilization, benchmark performance, and reduce the risk of inherent biases and data misinterpretation within your management teams.  

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The percentage of employees that leave a job specifically because of poor people management.

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The amount U.S. businesses waste every single year due to a loss in performance and productivity.

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The variance in team performance explained by the quality of the manager. 

How Peoplelogic Works

Peoplelogic connects to the tools your teams use to get work done with a few clicks. The platform will start to notice workflow patterns, detect repeated interactions, and discover critical lines of communication—guiding you to take actionable steps to optimize your workflows to boost employee performance, reduce churn, and protect against burnout.

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Connect Your Tools and Add Your Team

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Start Getting Insights and Recommendations

Start getting insights and recommendations.

Unlock the Hidden Narrative in Your Data

Unlock the Hidden Narrative in Your Data

For the first time ever, organizations have the unique opportunity to make use of the vast amount of data their teams are generating. Peoplelogic is the tool that showcases the DNA of your organization and ensures you don’t have to make blind decisions that dictate the outcomes around your people and your goals.

Making Sense of Your Company's Data Fabric

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Peoplelogic helps you reimagine the way you make data-driven decisions. Measuring and benchmarking how work gets done—the actions, behaviors, performance, capacity, utilization, and accountability.

Integrating with the Best

Get automated prescriptive guidance and insights from directly within Slack.

Get a better understanding on how your team is using Zoom and easily pass usage data into your Peoplelogic account.

Peoplelogic aggregates and analyzes your team’s GSuite usage to automate prescriptive guidance and insights for managers.

Helping you understand how your business gets work done. Get automated recommendations and insights using your Intercom data.

Making Sense of Your Company’s Data Fabric​

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