Improve productivity
with AI built for HR

Peoplelogic helps HR leaders automate mundane tasks, automatically surface performance insights, and instill leading practices

1,200+ ORGANIZATIONS TRUST Peoplelogic

Everything you need at a price you can afford. Starting at $3,588 /yr.

Career Planning

1:1 Meetings

Performance Reviews



Engagement Surveys

Learning & Development

Artificial Intelligence

AI Co-pilot

Enable your team move faster and operate more strategically with AI generated surveys, feedback, review summaries, and more.

Automatic Insights

Help your team make more informed business decisions with timely engagement and performance related insights and recommendations.

Instill Leading Practices

Analyze feedback, surface recommendations, and train behaviors to help your team communicate more effectively.

Human Intelligence

HR & Change Management Expertise

To help guide, advise, and assist in implementing leading practices.

White Glove Customer Success

To support your team and help drive widespead engagement.

On-demand & Live Training

Resources to upskill managers, build process, ad standardize management practices for optimal performance.

Automate mundane tasks and focus on higher-level strategic work

The first 90-days are crucial for employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Set every employee up for success with clear expectations and consistent guidance from managers, mentors, and peers.

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AI generated surveys, feedback, & reviews

Automatic engagement & performance insights

Analyze feedback, surface recommendations, and train behaviors to help your team communicate more effectively.

Improved cross-functional collaboration

Stronger adaptability and resilience

Enhanced strategic execution

Accelerated goal achievement

Make more informed decisions with timely people data

Foster a more engaged, aligned, and committed workforce through collaborative planning and a renewed focus on a clear strategic agenda.

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Keep every employee aligned,productive, & accountable

Build a more cohesive, efficient, and effective organization that is better positioned to achieve its goals and adapt to ever changing market conditions.

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Improved organizational alignment

Increased productivity & output

Improved talent attraction & retention

Stronger resilience & adaptability

The secret to long term sustainable growth is in your people

All your performance data
One intelligent platform

Our platform collects, analyzes, and processes your performance data to provide your team with actionable data-driven insights and real time people intelligence.

Your team will be better equipped than ever.

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Onboard, develop, retain, and grow
every employee - from day one

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