stalled growth

When “Gut” Isn’t Good Enough—A Tale for Founders and CEOs

Being the Founder and CEO of a company is incredibly hard work, it’s a constant grind. You’ve poured countless years into market validation, product development…

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Invite your team from Slack, Intercom aggregation and GDPR Compliance

June was a busy month for the team. A ton of new features including easier team import, 3 new integrations…

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employee well-being

5 Ways to Support Your Employee’s Well-Being During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Even without a pandemic, American well-being and mental health have always been a concern. According to the most recent report…

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5 Ways You Can Instill Trust and Autonomy with Your Team Members

The sudden and forced shift into remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has unsurprisingly caused a multitude of…

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More Improvements Than You Can Shake a Stick At

This week we're bringing you a TON of enhancements to the user experience of Peoplelogic across the web application and…

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the next normal

De-Risking the Next Normal: A Three Phased Approach

There is no doubt that what we’ve seen over the course the last few months can be described as a decade’s worth of…

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Introducing Dashboards Beta and Easier GSuite Connections

Each week we continue to push forward on our mission to be the easiest, most affordable People Analytics solution for…

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Revisiting Predictive Personality Profiles

We held our Predictive Personality Profiles Webinar, in partnership with Adastra Talent Partners, on May 13th but for those of…

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Making More Accessible Than Ever

At Peoplelogic we’re driven by two things at our very core - our mission and our values - both connected tightly by…

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