Better, Faster, Easier—Rinse, Repeat

This month has been all about making Peoplelogic easier and faster to get the important information you need to make…

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performance reviews

7 Tips For Productive Performance Reviews

Employee Reviews, Performance Reviews, Workplace Report Cards. Call it what you want, but employee reviews are crucial to any organization…

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data science

What if Every Employee Had Their Own Data Scientist?

Imagine a world in which your company had the resources to provide every single manager and employee, with their own personalized data…

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data driven decision making

Data-Driven Decision Making 101: How to Empower Your Management Team to Make the Best Decision

By now, organizations are deep in their annual planning process, engaging in healthy debates around priorities and formulating strategic goals for 2021. Inevitably, a big…

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employer branding

5 Ways You Can Work on Employer Branding at Your Company

When potential customers think of your company, you probably want them to think about how great your product is. But…

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data-driven decision making

Using Automation to Scale Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision making is the process of collecting, analyzing, and acting upon data tied to measurable outcomes, goals, or key performance indicators…

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professional personality tests

Top Personality/Emotional Tests and How to Apply Results to Your Organization

We’ve all likely taken a personality assessment at one point or another in our careers—whether it was DISC, Myers-Briggs, or…

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big five personality

How the Big Five Can Help You Utilize Your Employees’ Strengths

Let’s say that you have two employees—Olivia and Jaden. Olivia has the classic “extravert” personality. She’ll strike up a conversation…

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employee engagement surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys: Do They Work?

Almost every company conducts some sort of employee engagement survey these days, however when LeadershipIQ asked over 3,000 HR professionals to measure the results…

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