Biased Wheel: The Roulette of Remote vs. Return

After 15 months of pandemic-imposed isolation, we're finally emerging (in most of the world!).  For companies big and small -…

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Surfacing The Data That Makes Your Team More Effective

Sneak Peek đź‘€ Our team of superheros has been hard at work adding new recommendations and building out the next generation…

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Top 5 Operational Effectiveness Challenges in SaaS Only Organizations

Do you feel as though your business has reached a plateau? Are you unsure how to move beyond the growing…

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managing from the middle

Managing from the Middle

If you’ve ever watched soccer, you’ve probably noticed some players are taking shots on goal, some are in the back…

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data-driven decision making

Why Becoming a Data-Driven Manager is Vital

People tend to overly rely on their gut instinct when making a decision. Gut instinct, gut feel, intuition—all terms that share…

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real time insights

Insights – Now In Near Real Time

We may have been a little quiet with our updates the last month, but we've been hard at work with…

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communication 101

Effective Communication 101

You’re on your fourth Zoom call of the day and it’s not even lunchtime. The last 25 minutes of the call…

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management power

As a Manager, You Have Power. How You Use That Power is What Counts.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”- (Most commonly quoted in Spider-Man). As a manager, you naturally possess “power” by the…

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communicate effectively

How to Communicate Effectively as a Leader

Communicating effectively is a core tenet of leadership, and it is one of the key characteristics that sets great leaders apart…

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