We're On A Mission.

To uncover data that enables leaders to make better decisions
while improving the health of their organizations.

Peoplelogic unlocks valuable insights into your organization’s health and provides actionable insights & recommendations to increase team engagement while driving operational efficiency. By working in the background, Peoplelogic helps leaders understand the interconnectivity of their people and processes by leveraging data from the tools the company uses every single day.


Our Story

While growing and scaling new companies, organizational health is a leading indicator of success. It’s characterized by high levels of engagement, performance, and adaptability.

However, it’s often difficult to maintain a healthy culture that emphasizes engagement during times of rapid change. We wanted to create a data-backed engagement tool for the future of work. One that would equip leaders, especially those in HR & People Ops, to identify and solve for contributors of burnout, disengagement, and attrition.

Utilizing machine learning and Ai, we’re turning the mess of data from your work tools into valuable, actionable insights.

Meet Our Team

Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives is dedicated towards using their experience plus the power of technology to positively influence organizational health.


Matthew Schmidt

Founder + CEO


Hernâni Cerqueira



Austin Evans

VP of Sales


Teresa Mendes

Senior Software Engineer


Ivo Moscoso

QA Engineer


Brian Droz

People Science Analyst


Jorge Araujo

Software Engineer


Filipe Manso

Data Scientist


Ashley Alderman

Customer Success Manager


Emily Neville

Account Executive

Our Values

We work on things we’re incredibly passionate about, that align with our values and purpose, and that have a positive impact on the world.

Growth Mindset

Ignite possibility through exploration and learning. Challenge the status quo. Share your knowledge.


Thoughtfully plan, prepare and execute without panic or fear.


Speak honestly. Challenge thoughtfully.


Own the outcome together.

Build to Scale

No spit glue.

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