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About Peoplelogic

We built Peoplelogic.ai to make growth scalable. Peoplelogic is a platform that monitors, alerts, and predicts outcomes around immediate risks and opportunities within your business.

The reality is, business leaders and managers want to be able to use the data they have at their fingertips to make better decisions about how to run their team, but in companies of all sizes, that data is rarely consumable or actionable.

Peoplelogic.ai is the creator of the world’s first AI-augmented mission control for businesses—making growth scalable. The software uses data from the tools employees love to use to better inform leaders on how work at their organization gets done—spotting opportunities in real-time, and mitigating problems before they affect the bottom-line. Peoplelogic.ai makes that data useable, prescriptive, and actionable—without any heavy lifting. With Peoplelogic.ai keeping an eye on the health of your organization 24/7, 365—business leaders can rest easy and focus their time where it really matters.

Peoplelogic Core Values

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Growth Mindset

Ignite possibility through exploration and learning. Challenge the status quo. Share your knowledge with the world.

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Thoughtfully plan, prepare, and execute without panic or fear.

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Speak honestly. Challenge thoughtfully.

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Own the outcome together.

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Build to Scale

No spit glue. 

The Peoplelogic Mission

Our Mission

To develop a data-driven platform that equips companies, managers, and employees with the insights they need to scale faster, drive performance, and improve the employee experience. 

How We're Getting There

Agility – We are a fast-paced team that quickly evolves to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Integrity – We utilize unbiased data and information for the betterment of people and teams.

Data-Driven – We make decisions grounded in fact and supported by data and insights, not feelings or leanings.

Customer-Centric – We view customers as our life blood, not just a number, and we partner with our customers to create ravings fans of our solutions.

Innovation – We use the collective knowledge of our customers to rapidly innovate, improving our product so our customers can grow even more.

Meet the Team

Matthew Schmidt—Founder & CEO

Matthew is a lifetime entrepreneur and technologist and helped build and sell DZone to a private equity firm. Matthew was also the original architect of their technology platform, AnswerHub, a developer community solution that aids in collaboration, learning, and knowledge sharing across development teams. Acknowledging the scarcity of talent, Matthew has grown to have a deep passion for the employee experience and maximizing an organization’s people investments, having invested significantly in building the people function at DZone post-exit. 

John Hathorn—VP of Growth

An experienced marketer and entrepreneur, John was formerly the Director of Marketing with Automated Insights, a Vista Private Equity owned artificial intelligence company, where he helped lead the organization’s pivot and go-to-market strategy into Business Intelligence.  As a people manager within a rapidly expanding, fast-paced growth stage company, John lived the trials and tribulations many organizations in a similar stage go through. He is passionate about using technology & AI to foster a better people experience while driving performance. 

Advisory Board

Jonathan Bruce—Advisor to the CEO

Based in the San Francisco, Bay Area, Jonathan Bruce brings 20 years of deep technical expertisesoup to nuts product innovation and customer success across Sun Microsystems, Progress, Salesforce.com and Cloudflare. Jonathan brings his experiences to our team to help shape and guide Peoplelogic’s team in delivering on their vision empowering managers and employees to be happier, and more productive, using AI-driven insights. 

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