Chief Executive Group Finds Alignment with Impact

Chief Executive Group (CEG) is a leading media company dedicated to enhancing the performance of U.S. CEOs, senior executives, and public company directors. CEG recently faced challenges in aligning its highly matrixed organization with clear Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Despite being a close-knit team, the complex structure posed difficulties in implementing and cascading both visionary and tactical goals.

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Your adaptability, understanding, and flexibility have been instrumental

Your adaptability, understanding, and flexibility have been instrumental to our small organization where continuous change is inevitable. That has been critical in this process of utilizing Impact.

Patrica Amato
Chief of Staff


OKRs can be challenging in a matrixed organization because it's like working on a group project with multiple leaders who may have different expectations and grading criteria. Having a highly matrixed organization can also pose challenges around competing priorities, communication timelines, and varying reporting lines. Clear communication and coordination become crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals.

Recognizing the need for a structured OKR framework, CEG sought the expertise of Peoplelogic, a leading HR Tech company specializing in organizational development, employee engagement, and performance management. The collaboration aimed to create, cascade, and accelerate the rollout of OKRs throughout the organization.

*How Uptech tracked OKRs with spreadsheets at the beginning

Chief Executive Group

Needed To:

Find and implement the right software for a robust OKR process.

Create a matrixed OKR system and enable the team to regularly utilize the platform.

Train the team in the OKRs methodology and foster a culture of consistent feedback, OKR implementation, and recognition.

Decide and align the right goals at the right time.

Customized OKR Implementation

With a clear understanding of CEG's organizational landscape, Peoplelogic customized an OKR implementation plan tailored to their specific needs. The plan addressed the bilateral and vertical ownership of both visionary and tactical objectives, providing a structured framework for alignment, ownership, and execution.

Leadership Engagement

Peoplelogic worked closely with CEG's leadership team to ensure their buy-in and active participation in the OKR implementation. Customized training sessions and workshops were conducted to enhance understanding and foster a culture of goal alignment, autonomy, and accountability.

Cascading OKRs Across Cross-functional Departments:

The implementation process involved cascading OKRs from the C-Suite to managers and employees. Peoplelogic ensured that each level of the organization had a clear understanding of how their individual goals contributed to the overall success of CEG.

Data-driven Solutions and Outcomes

CEG successfully created and scaled top-down OKRs, providing clarity and alignment across the entire organization. Leadership performance at CEG increased, highlighting the impact of cascading OKRs on individual and team achievements. The organization experienced improved efficiency, goal attainment, and overall performance. The collaboration with Peoplelogic not only streamlined OKR processes but also contributed to a cultural transformation within CEG. The organization embraced a more collaborative and goal-oriented approach, fostering a sense of ownership and accountability among employees at all levels.

Peoplelogic is like a member of our team

If you come onboard, the CX team genuinely cares and is always jumping into the mix and helping us figure things out. It’s like they’re on our team and not with a different company, they’re a member of our team.

Patricia Amato #2
Chief of Staff

Driving Results for

Chief Executive Group

Increased frequency of OKR usage for the broader team by 95%.
100% of managers and employees aligned with top-line business objectives.
10/10 CEG departments consistently use OKRs.

In conclusion, the partnership between CEG and Peoplelogic successfully addressed the challenges of implementing OKRs in a highly matrixed organization. Through a tailored approach and strategic alignment, CEG achieved organizational clarity, improved leadership performance, and a cultural shift toward goal-driven excellence.

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