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“Effortless to use & the team adoption is sky-high”

Peoplelogic Impact has helped us to align all the company around common Objectives, increase transparency, engagement, and visibility. It's effortless to use, and the team adoption is sky-high. Plai also helped us encourage regular and constructive peer-to-peer feedback. We feel that Plai aligns with our values of freedom and responsibility, continuous learning, and transparency.

Dima Kovalenko
Co-founder & CEO
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90 employees
Uptech testimonial Plai

“Peoplelogic puts us first”

I like that Peoplelogic puts clients first and meet our needs with tremendous speed. 360 Review assessment enables us to cover employees' performance areas in one place along with OKRs block, which is done perfectly. Employees appreciate the well-designed UI/UX of the tool.

Yuliya Pupysheva
HR Business Partner
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250 employees
BetterMe testimonial Plai

“Peoplelogic saves me time”

With Peoplelogic, managing performance is faster, easier, and less stressful. It helps us gather feedback and organize review cycles without hundreds of forms and sheets. Employees started to fill out reviews faster, Plai is like a game for them.

Nataliia Shulzhenko
HR Manager
233 employees
Natalia Shulzhenko, HR manager at Sombra

“Peoplelogic works great for our company”

We went with Peoplelogic after the first demo, didn't even need to see anything else. I have had a great experience, easy to use, works great for our company and can't wait for even more features to use.

Ryan Wenk
People & Operations Manager
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330 employees
Altruist testimonial Plai

Paving the way for organizational health!


Peoplelogic gives me access to real-time data about my workforce that I can't view in any of our other talent systems!

OKRs the right way

Set Objectives

Create structured goals with bold objectives and measurable key results.

OKRs software
OKRs software

Align your team

Visualize your OKR hierarchy with an alignment tree.

Plan your actions

Create an action plan with Tasks and bring your Objectives to results.

Objectives software
Feedback software

Stay on top of Objectives

Increase engagement and course correct with progress history, comments and real-time team updates in Slack / MS Teams.

Learn with our free E-book

Get our free guide on how to start with OKRs and align your team around common goals.

OKR guide

Monitor dashboard

Review what worked, learn and adjust your team management strategy accordingly.

OKR dashboard
OKRs TV screen

OKR TV screen

Goals need to be public. Show everyone in your office what is your main focus and what's the most recent progress. Keep your team engaged.

Mobile for OKRs on the go

Manage your OKRs wherever work takes you and see employee's goals to have the context for productive conversations.

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OKRs software mobile
OKR template software

Create goals easy with OKR templates

Find the objectives ideas by departments, browse 80+ templates of OKRs with metrics, and add them to your cycle with just one click.

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