Measuring Engagement Across the Employee Lifecycle

Kennected, a dynamic sales enablement platform, has emerged as a game-changer in the entrepreneurship and technology landscape since its establishment in 2018. With a mission to inspire individuals and revolutionize the sales process,

Kennected sought to optimize employee engagement across the entire employee lifecycle. To address survey limitations and reclaim valuable time, Stephanie Fordham, Kennected's Head of People, turned to Peoplelogic.

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“Discover disengagement before it's too late”

With Peoplelogic, you’re able to discover disengagement patterns before you hear about them, which allows leadership to get ahead of burnout, improve team moral, and increase retention.

Stephanie Fordham
Head of People Operations
75 employees


Kennected faced the all-too-common challenge of accurately measuring employee engagement solely through surveys. Monthly participation rates as low as 50% led to biased insights with few action items. Before Peoplelogic, Kennected was struggling with the following:

Challenges for Kennected

Onboarding & Offboarding: processes for welcoming new employees and saying goodbye to those leaving needed improvement to keep employee and team engagement levels high.
People & Culture Trainings: without insights into the effectiveness of these sessions, Kennected had to rely on the few survey responses and gut feelings to organize more.
Understanding Collaboration: without insights into how employees collaborated, it was difficult to pinpoint how to improve team and organizational performance and productivity.

Maintaining Engagement with Peoplelogic

By leveraging Peoplelogic, Kennected witnessed a boost in employee engagement and effectiveness of its HR initiatives. By focusing on learning and development, Kennected fostered a culture of high engagement and performance throughout the organization.

“We saw data-backed insights”

Low survey participation rates kept us with biased insights that were difficult to act on. With Peoplelogic, we saw data-backed insights into the various stages of the employee lifecycle. This allowed us to make better decisions when onboarding employees, improving work-life balance, and creating learning initiatives.

Stephanie Fordham
Head of People Operations
75 employees

How Kennected Found Success with Peoplelogic

By partnering with Peoplelogic, Kennected was empowered to strategically gain actionable insights and recommendations by analyzing their HR processes and culture initiatives. Additionally, the Peoplelogic platform provided valuable analytics surrounding:

Peoplelogic gave valuable insights into building an onboarding process that promoted new hire engagement and collaboration within the team and across the organization.
"Lunch & Learn" training and information sessions were measured based on the effects they had on both employee and manager performance, engagement, and collaboration behavior.
Throughout changes in tools, processes, and personnel, Peoplelogic helped the team maintain collaboration and engagement levels by providing insights with an organizational network analysis.

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