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RebelDot is an end-to-end B2B product design and development company based in Romania. In the last two years, they’ve nearly doubled their headcount. With this exponential growth, RebelDot is working hard to navigate the changes and adjust their processes accordingly. What’s more, RebelDot has recently been certified as one of the best places to work in Romania, scoring 90%.

Even though they’re operating on a hybrid model, they’re keeping busy by opening a new office in Cluj Napoca. Due to their great culture, their offices are almost always full, even though they mostly work remotely. 




159 employees




Information Technology & Services

Peoplelogic improves employees performance”

I have found Peoplelogic to be an effective tool that has helped us streamline our performance management process and improve employee performance.

Alexandru Laslau
People & Culture Business Partner
159 employees

The challenge

RebelDot was using outdated tools like Word and Outlook to send emails and template forms back and forth for performance management, but it wasn’t cutting it. Not having access to review documents beforehand made it hard for people to prepare and absorb the feedback.

In addition, RebelDot didn’t use seniority levels. This can make it tricky to assess everyone’s skills fairly. So, they decided to get creative and rely on feedback from colleagues for annual appraisals and promotions. But they quickly realized they needed to up their game in terms of feedback quality and clarity to ensure everyone was on board and the feedback was reliable.

RebelDot's needs

Centralize all employee objectives, development plans, and performance reviews
Simplify performance review management
Ensure transparency in performance management processes
Create a feedback-rich culture 
Educate managers and employees on workplace processes

The solution

RebelDot values its employees. They wanted to turn this around and put a lot of effort into developing their culture and keeping their team members happy. 

With Peoplelogic, they’ve been able to address all these challenges head-on. The team now has a more efficient feedback system that allows them to prepare and review feedback beforehand so everyone’s on the same page. Plus, they can now give and receive tough feedback in a more constructive way that’s backed up with evidence. It’s been a huge win for the team.

Natalia Shulzhenko, HR manager at Sombra
Iulia Pop

Chief People Officer

"Mangers appreciate that Peoplelogic has a variety of different templates and provides a series of and tips & tricks that support them in their workflow"

Uptech testimonial Plai

The implementation

RebelDot really did its homework to find the perfect Human Resources Performance Management System. They looked at a lot of other tools and demoed them extensively. Ultimately, they went with Peoplelogic because of the intuitive interface.

They loved how similar it was to other tools they already used, and the Slack integration was a huge plus. Plus, they were really impressed that they could impact the product roadmap and request improvements in Peoplelogic.

Now that they’re using Peoplelogic, they’ve got everything they need to manage performance effectively. They’re using performance reviews (including 360-degree feedback) to understand everyone’s progress comprehensively. They’re also using Objectives (OKRs) to align company and department goals, and PDPs for individual goals. They have monthly 1-1s and performance review meetings to ensure everyone is on track.

Uptech testimonial Plai
Iulia Pop

Chief People Officer

“The frequency of feedback increased - we usually have yearly performance reviews; however, there are colleagues who solicit ad hoc reviews throughout the year to ensure that they are aligned with the team and the expectations. Before Peoplelogic, this did not happen, as it was an administrative struggle.”

One thing they love about Peoplelogic is the ability to give praise and recognition through the “Kudos” channel in Slack - it’s a great way to boost morale and show appreciation. For those new to management, Peoplelogic has tons of templates and tips for things like 1-1 agendas and performance reviews. It’s been a real lifesaver for those still learning the ropes.

Uptech testimonial Plai
Alexandru Laslau

People & Culture Business Partner

Peoplelogic's goal-setting feature allows us to set clear and measurable objectives for each employee, which they can then track and monitor throughout the year. This has helped us to align employee goals with our company’s overall objectives and improve performance across the board.


The frequency of feedback increased
Decreased the work hours for  review management for the People & Culture Team
Developed their PDPs, OKRs, 1;1s, and other guides using Peoplelogic templates
Improved the quality of feedback and employees’ engagement in this process

Employees’ feedback from GlassDoor

I appreciate their empathy and constant need to learn, and their openness to feedback. The company made considerable efforts to improve all its processes. In my 2 working years, I’ve noticed and experienced colossal positive changes. Practice standardization, feedback, and performance training were introduced.

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I appreciate the opportunity to grow and constantly interact with other departments; being a software company, the way of working is based on the agile approach, which means that you get constant feedback which is immensely helpful for growth.

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