12 Free AI Tools for HR and Team Leaders driving productivity in 2023

12 Free AI Tools for HR and Team Leaders driving productivity in 2023

Hey there! As the Founder of People & Performance Management tool Peoplelogic and AI tool Dyvo, I'm always on the lookout for interesting AI tools that can simplify my management tasks and optimize HR processes.

Here’s the list of tools that I use personally, as well as carefully selected and tested tools for HRs and Team Leaders that I think worth consideration. I have also included my observations on the typical cases of AI tools for HR and productivity currently on the market as of mid-2023. Let’s dive in.

Common Use Cases of AI Tools for HR and Team Leaders

Before we explore the tools, let's take a quick look at the common AI in HR and management examples. Common AI tools in 2023 tools can assist with:

Recruiting & sourcing

These AI tools are great for for making recruitment easier, from searching for candidates to screening them to creating job ads and ATS-optimized resumes. Utilizing advanced algorithms and filters, these tools can match job requirements to candidate profiles, optimize job ads to attract the right talent, and generate ATS-optimized resumes for a seamless flow into the hiring process.

Knowledge base creation

AI-powered knowledge base tools are definitely worth considering for easy creation of knowledge bases, using existing data and documents. Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms extract key information, categorize it, and make it easily searchable. Plus, they provide the ability to ask questions and receive relevant answers from the knowledge base, saving time and promoting self-service within the organization.

Visuals, reports, and dashboard generation

These AI tools can analyze data, create visual representations of key metrics, and generate comprehensive reports and dashboards with interactive elements. Those tools are real time-saver for HR professionals and team leaders, as they can fix the disappearances in data to present them in a concise manner, aiding decision-making.

Speech recognition

Speech recognition tools use AI algorithms to convert spoken language into written text. This makes it easy for HR professionals and Team Leaders to transcribe interviews, meetings, and other verbal interactions — and accuracy only improves with time. It also reduces the need for manual transcription and enhances accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Simplifying monotonous tasks

AI tools can take the monotony out of day-to-day HR tasks, such as creating job descriptions, composing emails, writing performance reviews, and crafting presentations. This is thanks to natural language generation (NLG) techniques, which allow these tools to produce human-like text based on predefined templates or user input. Automating these tasks can help HR professionals and Team Leaders save time and focus on more strategic endeavors.

Research and text summaries

Research and text summarization tools use AI algorithms to analyze and condense lengthy texts into concise summaries — perfect for HR professionals and Team Leaders who need to extract key information quickly. These tools can also help with online research, suggesting relevant information and sources based on specific queries. However, it's important to double-check the information and sources that AI tools provide — ChatGPT, for example, has a tendency to provide inaccurate results when extracting information from research papers or books. In most cases, the suggested research papers won't even exist.

L&D libraries, coaching, and employee ssessments

AI-powered coaching, learning libraries, and online assessment software offer personalized learning experiences and assessments for employees. These tools can provide targeted recommendations for skill development, offer interactive learning materials, and facilitate online assessments to measure employee progress and identify areas for improvement. HR professionals and team leaders can utilize these tools to support employee growth and development initiatives.

Meetings summaries and follow-ups

AI tools for meeting summaries and follow-ups automate the process of capturing meeting notes and generating follow-up actions. As for me, those tools are must-have for every team to avoid hours of unproductive conversations, and make the most of ones which really matter. These tools use speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms to transcribe meetings, extract key points, and generate concise summaries. They can also generate action items and distribute them to relevant participants, ensuring clear communication and accountability and making meetings truly productive.

Productivity tools

A wide category with many tools for productivity can offer business and team leaders resources for automating goals tracking and repetitive tasks, provide insights on team performance, make a summary of the progress as a retrospective and and give AI suggestions for the next goals.

Now, let's move on to the list of 12 free AI tools for HR and Team Leaders that can boost your performance and productivity.

12 free AI tools for HR and Team Leaders

YouLearn - Learn any Youtube video in minutes

This tool is a real gem - an effective way to get the most out of any Youtube video without actually watching it in full. We finally figured out how to watch Youtube for hours on end and still be productive! Not only does it convert the video into summary notes, simplify slides content, and provide multiple choice and short answer tests, but it also features a list of words to remember and an AI chat for additional questions. This makes it an incredibly time-saving solution and an ideal choice for learning and development programs. Plus, it's free to use and doesn't require any registration.

Example of an AI video summary in YouLearn

SoWork Digital Workplace

Let's start with an AI-powered workplace tool. The tool allows you can create a virtual office environment that facilitates collaboration, AI insights help them work smarter, save hours with automations and feel like working together again. Currently it has a free plan, supporting only short meetings (up to 30 mins and with limited support) and you can purchase plans starting from $4 per user. What I really love about this tool is that it creates a game-like space that you can customize to resemble your office or co-working space. You can plan team collaboration activities there, such as meetings, brainstorming sessions, or even casual coffee talks. It's a fantastic way to transform mundane status updates into engaging team-building experiences, don't you think?

Casper AI Summarizer

This is a free in-browser extension allows you to summarize various texts from a web page with just one click. What I love about Casper AI is that it eliminates the need to switch between tabs and waste time copying and pasting text. Some of its interesting features include:

  • Instant summaries of articles, texts, and materials you're browsing.
  • Create emails, tweets, or quick bullet points with action items from the text you're reading.
  • Various prompts to play with the text, such as "Explain it like you would to a 5-year-old" or "Counter this text."
  • Ask questions about the text directly in the chat and receive answers combined with information from the asked page and data from the web.

Below is an example of a summary of Peoplelogic's article about feedback generated by Casper AI:

Example of summary by Casper AI


This free AI tool helps generate text for employee reviews tailored to performance review questions and other inputs. It allows you to select the tone of voice, insert questions, and add grades for pre-set skills. However, note that the tool has limited options for roles for feedback. No registration is required, you can start generating reviews on the website right away. Here are some tips to make the most of it:

  • Exclude skill assessment from the settings to focus the review text on open-ended questions.
  • Provide hints for writing feedback for each question to avoid overly general responses.
  • Remember to tailor your final responses to sound personal and truly address your colleagues' situations. Don't solely rely on the tool for writing feedback.

Job Descriptions Generator

This tool helps you create job descriptions effortlessly. Simply provide the necessary details like information about the company, requirements, keywords, and other input if needed, and it will generate a well-structured job description. I like that no registration is required, and the tool is free to use.

Dost for inclusive messaging

Dost is an inclusive messaging tool designed for Slack and Teams. It helps teams communicate respectfully and promotes diversity and inclusion in digital conversations.

• The features include automated AI-driven sentiment analysis, customizable messages, and real-time feedback.
• Users particularly appreciate its ability to detect offensive language and automatically suggest more inclusive alternatives.
• It is free to use, however there are a few premium features such as analytics reports available at an additional cost.

Gamma for Presentations

If you're looking for a way to quickly turn any document into a professional presentation, you should check out this tool. Basically, all you need is to upload any document and this tool turns it into a presentation.  

• The features include automated slide generation, customizable templates, and real-time collaboration.
• I like that this tool is incredibly ease of use and it turns any document into a presentation quickly.
• It is free to use, however there are a few premium features such as analytics reports available at an additional cost.

AI Meeting Assistant

This tool helps schedule meetings and prepare agendas. Some noteworthy features are:

  • AI-powered meeting time suggestions with a link for scheduling.
  • Generation of agendas and automated email follow-ups based on your meeting goals.
  • AI transcript of the meeting (limited to 5 transcripts on the free version).

DataSquirrel for reports

DataSquirrel is a great tool for generating reports quickly and easily. It is free to use and contains many useful features such as filtering data, adding comments, and comparing data across multiple sources. The premium version includes the ability to create graphs and customize themes. I like that you can upload multiple data sources in this tool, and it automatically pulls them into highly interactive and easy to understand reports.

Dictanote for meeting transcription

Dictanote is a notes app with integrated speech recognition, making it easy to voice type your notes. It supports multiple languages and is available for free.

I've tested it out and found that it captured around 85-90% of my speech correctly with very few errors. The only downside is that it doesn't add punctuation, but this may be adjustable in the premium version. It's definitely worth playing around with if you're looking for a reliable voice typing tool!

Tribalbase for Slack knowledge base

If you use Slack and lots of your knowledge lives there, you should try Tribalbase. This tool turns your Slack history into a knowledge base. It organizes and indexes your team's conversations, making it easier to find information and insights from past discussions.

The tool is free but some of the features come with the premium version like viewing analytics, searching archived conversations, and creating to-dos.

Hirelake for candidate screening

This tool allows you to match resume data with job descriptions in bulk. It helps streamline the hiring process and improve candidate screening.

It is free to use and allows bulk-uploading of resumes and job descriptions. Premium features include scoring resumes to job descriptions, removing duplicates, and tracking applicant progress. I like this tool as it simplifies the hiring process and makes finding the best fit for any role a breeze.


I hope these AI tools will help you automate some tedious tasks to focus, simplify communication with your team, and focus on what really matters. If you're looking for more inspiration, Toolify.ai directory is a great place to start; it neatly categorizes the tools by various roles and use cases and is regularly updated. Another good resource is ProductHunt, where you can search the "AI" keyword to find the newest AI-powered products. I'm sure these tools will help you use AI to improve your team and stay ahead of the game.

If you're interested in how AI is transforming the HR industry and improving management, subscribe to my Linkedin newsletter for the newest updates and simple and fun tips for better people management.

Happy tooling!

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