5 Ways a People Analytics Program Can Keep Growth Stable

5 Ways a People Analytics Program Can Keep Growth Stable

“Work Smarter Not Harder”

You've heard that phrase before—in fact, you've probably said it yourself. In a world of "Hustle Culture," where people at all stages of their careers are neglecting to create any work-life balance, you might want to take the phrase "work smarter not harder" a little closer to heart. If you're a manager and find yourself up late at night wondering why your company is struggling to create consistent growth, consider investing in a People Analytics program. 

So what is People Analytics?

In very simplistic terms, People  Analytics refers to a data-driven way of managing people within an organization. The methodology leverages the data around people, data created by people, and other industry specific data to increase retention, engagement, and performance amongst many other metrics. 

So how exactly can a People Analytics platform help you? 

Saves Time

As I said, work-life balance is essential, and you shouldn’t have to spend any after-hours time trying to figure out where it all went wrong when that time could be spent with your partner/kids/furry friends. There are about a trillion ways that People Analytics can save you time. First of all, the tools you are already using are generating a ton of data. Who wants to sort through all that data? Wouldn’t it be nice if it was automatically organized neatly in a dashboard? A People Analytics program can do that for you. Tired of scheduling weekly meetings trying to dig deep and wonder why you aren’t hitting goals and facing so many bottlenecks? A People Analytics program can help you. Want to get a read on your employee engagement? Use a People Analytics program.

Increases Employee Retention:

A mark of a good company includes long-term, happy, loyal employees. Additionally, employee turnover can be costly. With a People Analytics program, you can see how engaged employees are before it is too late. Additionally, a program can find red flags in employee patterns (such as working overtime often, etc.) so you don’t have to worry about burn-out. There is no magic to it—the program will integrate with systems your company is already using (GSuite, Slack, Zoom, etc.) and compile that data for you (and create recommendations for employee well-being if you have Peoplelogic :) ).

Improves Hiring

While you want to retain the great employees you already have, any company aiming to grow is going to have to hire as time goes on. With the right People Analytics program, you can see where your team is lacking in skill (soft skills or hard skills), and hire someone to fill that gap. A win-win for everyone — your team, HR, and the health and growth of your company. 

Puts Out Fires Before They Start

With a People Analytics platform keeping up with your data consistently, you can pay attention to and see risksbefore they even become problems. Gone are the days where managers would spend long hours in conference rooms after an issue blows up in their face—one that could’ve been recognized and prevented had they been monitoring their data beforehand. 

Assists in Customer Retention

Lastly, If your team isn’t functioning to their fullest extent, productivity-wise, and quality-wise,  you will not be able to perform well enough to keep or gain new customers. And if customers aren’t pleased with their interaction with your company, it won’t be good for the future of the business. But with a People Analytics platform monitoring everything for you, you can ensure that customers, as well as your employees who interact externally, are having a top-notch experience. 

At the end of the day, the employees are the heart of the organization. You can have a great idea, but without well-equipped and well-engaged employees, the idea won’t execute the way you envisioned. 

If I haven’t convinced you already, maybe checking out Peoplelogic will. Peoplelogic.ai is mission control for teams, watching customer retention, employee satisfaction and workflows within your company 24/7/365. We mitigate risks and surface opportunities for growth in real time, so you can focus on scaling your business. And guess what? You can get started for free.


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