AI for Managers: 4 Ideas to Boost Team Performance

AI for Managers: 4 Ideas to Boost Team Performance


Being a manager is challenging. Finding the alerting signals in tons of employee data, having meaningful conversations, and setting the right goals, while keeping them aligned with employees' growth desires - those all require, if not lots, of nerves, but definitely lots of time and attention. 

Last few months, I have been exploring how AI can tackle common challenges of managers to help make better decisions, be more productive, improve team performance, and be better managers. 

Here's what I've found. Explore 4 ways AI can enhance your management approach and boost productivity.

Case 1: AI for Planning

Having the right goals is proven to enhance team engagement and performance. But let's be honest; sometimes, it takes hours or even days to plan those goals successfully. And what's worse? After all that effort, they end up being ineffective. 

To those challenges and common goal-planning mistakes, AI can help.

Suggesting personal & team goals 

Take Peoplelogic, for example. With this nifty tool, you can use AI to create OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). You just jot down what you want to achieve, specify your team (like Sales or Marketing), the general direction you're working towards, deadlines, activities, etc. Peoplelogic's AI will transform your input into well-defined OKRs.

Analysis of current goals 

AI can review your goals and assess their quality. If you tend to set overly ambitious or vague goals, AI can suggest ways to improve them. If you adopt the OKR framework, Peoplelogic AI can evaluate the effectiveness of your OKRs and provide recommendations for enhancement, eliminating the need for extensive research on the subject.

Tasks prioritization

AI can analyze the tasks on your to-do list and prioritize them based on factors like urgency, importance, and dependencies. It's like having a superpowered task manager that tells you which tasks should take priority. This optimization boosts productivity and ensures critical deadlines are met.

Predictive Task Scheduling

This is where AI gets even smarter. It can crunch historical data, individual work patterns, and external factors to predict how long tasks will take and when they'll likely be completed. Armed with this information, the task manager can automatically schedule tasks, set reminders, and notify managers and team members about potential delays or bottlenecks. It's proactive planning, resource management, and a great way to avoid last-minute surprises.

Case 2: AI for better interaction with the team

As managers, we often find ourselves drowning in endless meeting notes and reports making it hard to remember to recognize our team members and provide feedback. Or forget about important action items or issues detected during 1-1s. Even the simplest AI models can provide great assistance here.

Quick Sneak-pick of the Progress

AI models, such as ChatGPT, can assist managers in summarizing employee data such as meeting notes, performance reviews, and 1-on-1 discussions into quick reports. This feature saves time for managers, allowing them to focus on the essential action items, make decisions, and endure issues that are not overlooked.

Automated 1-on-1 Agendas

AI tools can generate automated agendas and questions for your 1-on-1 meetings, making those conversations more meaningful. They can even summarize the scripts from your previous meetings, helping you identify the main topics and themes discussed by your team members. This way, you can focus on them later or revisit the past themes you were discussing throughout meetings and detect trends. 

Communication and Feedback Tips

AI can assist with reviewing your feedback text and help it to improve. You can also review your texts with including messaging tools. Thus, managers can ensure their messages convey constructive and supportive tones.

Case 3: AI team analytics & tasks delegation

Sometimes it's really hard to extract data from long reports or spreadsheets. Or compare performance data with engagement surveys and overall goal achievement to detect trends? Or find the commonalities in the behavior of high performers? Those things could be outsourced to AI just to brainstorm ideas on the data you already have about your team. 

Summary of employees' strengths & weaknesses + task suggestions

AI can analyze your team's strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for suitable tasks. The task manager can suggest team members based on their expertise, workload, and past performance. This streamlines the task delegation process, ensures tasks are assigned to the right individuals, and optimizes team efficiency.

Smart bot for team performance analytics

Imagine having a smart bot that can answer questions about your team, like identifying high performers or assessing attrition risks. It can even analyze sentiment in survey responses. With this AI-powered analytics, you'll have valuable insights at your fingertips.

Case 4: Engage team with AI image generation

Visual content is king, especially for the visually-oriented and fun-seeking Gen Z generation. Using images is incredible for sharing feelings and creating engaging interactions, even while working remotely. Even better, AI tools can save you time and resources when it comes to incorporating visuals into your work environment.


Take your presentations to the next level! AI-powered tools can instantly transform text into engaging and visually appealing presentations. You can even create entertaining video stories from your text. It's a surefire way to keep your team engaged and excited.

Team Avatars or Background Images for Calls

Break the monotony of standard Zoom calls and inject new life into your remote interactions. Utilize visual editors or pre-built templates to create unique team avatars or background images. Transform your team into a "Spaceship" crew for a week, or embrace a fun Christmas theme. Get creative and infuse fun into your daily communications.

Team Photo Shooting

Tools like eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming team photoshoots. By simply uploading photos and selecting a desired style, you can generate professional corporate headshots effortlessly. It's a quick and cost-effective way to create a cohesive team image.


With a special prompt, ChatGPT can incorporate GIFs from Giphy. Spice up your presentations, emails, and messages by adding visual content. This lets you respond with just the right GIF, injecting a personal and fun touch into your remote interactions.


With AI tools, managers can greatly simplify team performance management. From optimizing planning and interaction to analytics and visual enhancements, these AI-driven solutions empower managers to make data-backed decisions, improve productivity, and foster a positive work environment. Stay ahead of the curve and utilize these tools to unlock your team's full potential.

AI tools offer a significant advantage in simplifying team performance management. From optimizing planning and interaction to analytics and visual enhancements, these AI-driven solutions empower managers to make data-backed decisions, improve productivity, and foster a positive work environment. Stay ahead of the curve and leverage these tools to unlock your team's full potential.


Can AI Replace Managers?

While AI can automate tasks and streamline processes, it cannot entirely replace the role of managers. Effective management requires human skills such as decision-making and leadership. AI supports managers by providing data-driven insights and automating repetitive tasks. However, managers remain essential for team collaboration, motivation, and tackling complex challenges.

How Can AI Improve People's Decisions?

AI enhances people's decisions by identifying insights from a large volume of data and providing recommendations. AI tools for managers can analyze individual and team performance, identifies high performers, and predicts attrition risks. Managers can use this information for goal planning, task delegation, and team skills development. AI also helps employees assess their strengths, areas for improvement and career opportunities. 

What are the AI tools for Managers available?

Peoplelogic is an AI-powered tool designed to support Team Leaders in team management, productivity, and engagement. It offers features such as AI-driven goal assistance and performance review summaries, as well as simple tools for 1-1s, feedback, praise, and effortless goal-tracking. 

You can explore my review of 12 free tools in this article, or you browse or similar directories, using the filters to explore the most relevant tools for your needs. These resources usually provide a range of newly released AI tools.

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