Eclipsing the Competition: April Product News

Eclipsing the Competition: April Product News

One Month Since Our Last Update

It’s been a busy four weeks for the Peoplelogic team since our last product update. We’ve been working hard to keep the platform running at full speed while innovating for our customers. That being said, there are always more improvements to make.

Our team is always happy to provide insights and best practices on how to fully leverage the platform. Reach out here if there’s anything we can do to help!

Below we've outlined what's about to go live, what we're working on now, and what we're going to focus on next. We hope our customers and community are as excited as we are about these updates!

What's Going Live ASAP?

Everything in this section is just going through final QA and then will go live in the platform.

Upcoming Meeting Notifications Via Slack

One feature we think our users will really appreciate is adding the option for upcoming meeting notifications to be sent in Slack instead of email (or in addition to).

Prepping for a meeting can easily slip our minds, especially with a long list of other to-dos. However, setting these reminders makes it easier to hop into Peoplelogic Impact, make preparation for an upcoming 1:1 conversation, and help drive meeting outcomes. The person you're meeting with will always appreciate that little bit of extra effort.

Additional Fixes and Improvements

- Our team has continued to go the extra yard in tightening and improving our platform’s security. The protection of your privacy and data is always top of mind.

- We’ve also made updates to solve for issues that were keeping some users from downloading 1:1 notes.

- Finally, after feedback from various customers, we’ve fixed the date format in the platform to make sure it matches the user’s browser’s regional preferences.

What’s in progress right now?

Everything in this section is what we're heads down on in this moment.

Pre-built Survey Templates

We're adding a series of survey templates for our users to streamline feedback collection and improve consistency. These templates will be built for measuring engagement (eNPS), performance, wellbeing, stay interviews, and new hire onboarding. Overall, users can leverage these survey templates to foster a culture of open communication and continuous feedback.

1:1 Action Item Notifications

One way to add the most value to a 1:1 meeting is to create follow up action items. These calls to action enhances clarity and accountability, allowing both employee and manager to commit and track progress.

Actually doing what you said you were going to and having a place to show that can give engagement and trust a huge boost. It also increases accountability throughout your team culture.

HRIS Integrations to Automatically Update Personnel

And the biggest update to the platform that we’re currently working on is the ability to connect your HRIS tool to keep up to date rosters within Impact. This way you don’t have to add an employee in Impact every time you hire someone new. Their names and information will be synced over into Impact.

Looking Ahead: Next 1-2 Sprints

Lastly, we've outlined a few of the most exciting upcoming features that should bring a new level of intelligence and organization to the platform.

New Homepage After Login

When you first log in to Peoplelogic, the first thing you see are your OKRs. Although this may make sense for some, we wanted to create a more curated home page for you to see what’s most important upon login. This will help you stay ahead of your to-do’s and action items, while being ready to address what’s up next right away.

Exporting the Table of Review Results

To run additional analysis, we’ve learned that some of our customers would love the ability to export the score reports from review results. You can see your review results by filtering questions and having the answers be shown on a bar chart or see the results in a table. We’re working to allow users to easily download the table from the analytics tab in reviews.

AI Created Pulse Surveys

Beyond templates for surveys, we’re looking to enlist our powerful AI Co-pilot to help you create surveys based on what you’re looking to learn from your team. Our AI will suggest some of the best questions for a quick survey based on what you prompt it to come up with. You can use all of the questions it suggests for a survey or pick and choose and edit based on your needs.

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