5 Employee Burnout Signs to Look Out For

5 Employee Burnout Signs to Look Out For

Employees are very important for the success of the company they’re working at. Having burnout is normal, but it’s still important to look out for the different indicators in order to prevent it from getting worse. Here are five employee burnout signs that every company needs to look out for.

Too Little or Too Much Sleep

When workers experience burnout, they can easily feel tired during the day or have difficulty sleeping at night which can affect their work performance. Sleep deprivation can leave anyone feeling tired, making it hard to concentrate on crucial projects.

Constant Exhaustion

This can be correlated with having a lack of sleep, but when an employee is constantly tired, then they have a higher chance of struggling with balancing and accomplishing their work duties. Additionally, being tired all the time can also lead to employees feeling cynical or not enough for the company.

High Stress Levels

Stress at work has been so common that employees think it’s normal, but having too much stress can severely affect their work performance and make them more prone to committing mistakes which can trigger the stress even more.


People get irritated from time to time, but it happens pretty frequently at work, then it could also be a sign of employee burnout. If an employee’s emotions escalate pretty quickly during meetings or any time at work, observe them closely and offer any help that they may need.

Lack of Motivation

A lack of motivation can be difficult to navigate through as it makes employees have a hard time staying interested in their work. Employees that are motivated are 87% less likely to leave their company. A sudden decline in motivation affects the employee’s work quality and can affect how they’re able to finish their projects on time.

How to Combat Employee Burnout

Now that you know the different employee burnout signs, here’s how you can avoid or prevent it from getting any more severe.

Allow employees to take some time off

Maybe it’s time to give your employees a break. Taking some time off from an exhausting routine can lower the risk of employees getting burnt out. Sometimes, coffee breaks are just not going to cut it, employees may need a full or at least a partial day off. Busy work days can be draining for just about anyone, so that’s why taking time off every now and then is highly encouraged.

Discuss burnout

It’s time to have an open discussion about burnout with your employees. By discussing it, you’ll get to hear the different perspectives and come up with solutions on how to balance one’s emotions in a productive way. Having a meeting about it can also make the employees involved a sense of belonging since they’re being listened to.

Show appreciation and gratitude

When was the last time you gave your employees a compliment or told them that they did a job well done? By doing this, you’re making them feel that you recognize what they’re doing and that they’re an important asset to your company.

Final Thoughts

Employee burnout is not good for both the employee and employer, which is why it’s important for every manager to look out for the telltale signs of it. Companies and leaders who take the time to invest in their employees’ overall well-being have a higher chance of avoiding burnout and being able to still work together as a team in a productive and effective way.

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