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Getting Ahead of Attrition

Regrettable attrition:

The People Operations leader at a fast growing technology company that had just recently closed a large round of external funding came to us with a problem—they were losing some of their top performers and didn’t know why. Energy, engagement, and productivity was clearly down and the mood was a bit somber.  

Costly departures:

Rachel, a beloved, experienced, and tenured Engineer had left the company after six years of dedicated work. She was a thought leader, product expert, and a lynchpin in the company’s culture. Even employees who had just joined the company could feel the resonance of her departure—which was only solidified when Tom, Rachel’s colleague and the Product team lead decided to leave the organizations as well. 

Using automated organizational network analysis (ONA), Tom’s manager noticed the strength of his relationships started to decline. At the point of his departure, he was only connected to his manager and had become increasingly distanced from the rest of the company.
Tom’s StayFactor also started to decline as the strengths of his relationships, performance, and engagement started to wane after Rachel’s departure.

Connecting the dots between people, processes, and performance:

By incorporating Peoplelogic.ai into their tech stack, this technology company was able to understand the interconnectivity that would likely lead to regrettable attrition. By understanding how their employees felt, whether they were engaged in their work, productive, hitting goals, and working on things that helped them grow and develop in real time, Peoplelogic helps managers get ahead of possible departures.

By delivering each manager with prescriptive, actionable, and impactful recommendations, the platform help solidify the professional relationships within the organization and noticeable led to a more positive, productive team—keeping growth on track. 

What Peoplelogic Can Do for You:

As a People Operations professional, you are always looking for the best way to develop and manage their management teams and employees. As a fast growing company, you’ve got to empower your management teams with data-driven management at scale. With Peoplelogic: 

  • Get continuous, real-time performance management 
  • Understand the interconnectivity at a point of departure—how relationships and the strengths of those relationships will resonate through the organization 
  • Quantify the employee and manager experience—ensure employees are engaged, happy, and balanced 

If you’re ready to make the jump to data-driven management, get started with Peoplelogic today.

Peoplelogic for Your Team

Peoplelogic uses advanced analytics and technology to unlock often hidden quantitative insights into your organization’s engagement levels and health. By providing actionable recommendations to drive operational efficiency, Peoplelogic helps leaders understand the interconnectivity of their people and processes by leveraging output from the work tools used every single day. Combining these insights with the qualitative data and contextual understanding of your team can be the winning recipe for your business.


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