How Makes Our Team Better

How Makes Our Team Better

As a manager or even as a member of a team – what’s your number one complaint?  If you’re like most people working in a high tech, fast growing company – it’s that you’ve got 28 hours of things to do in a 24 hour day (and only 8-10 hours  in a work day!).  But what if you had someone looking out for you and your team, keeping an eye on what needed to be done next?  An intelligent platform (think if Siri and Watson had a baby!) that took your mind off of the tedious status checking and let you focus on what was really important. Items like  proactively making sure you’re pointed in the right direction and focusing on helping  your team grow quickly while maintaining performance. is that platform.  Designed from the ground up to help the teams and managers of fast growing small and medium tech companies, focuses on keeping an eye on the things you should be doing to make your growth healthy – using the data and insights right from the systems your teams actually use.   

It all starts with understanding your people.  Like most fast-growing teams, our team is made up of people with lots of different personalities, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Each person likes to be managed differently and when you play to those strengths and find a balance in the different personality types across your team – magic happens. is the only performance management and people analytics tools for small and medium businesses that leverages AI-generated personality profiles for your team – giving you a bird's eye view on the makeup of your team and incorporating your team’s preferential work style into our recommendations – making it easier to be a better manager and avoiding common pitfalls because you didn’t communicate on the same frequency with each member of your team. Personality Insights

This data becomes invaluable when you consider that the one thing managers want more of is time.  Here at we use our own platform to help us manage a small, but growing and geographically dispersed team.  It’s a tool that I started because I needed it at my former company (if it had existed!).  With our busy schedules and the fact that we’re all wearing multiple hats, it can be easy to miss that someone has been crushing it lately after hours or that we accidentally let a ticket go unanswered.  Our recommendations nudge you in the right direction to keep those things top of mind even when you’re too busy to remember what day it is or to realize that John has been blurring the lines of work life balance or when we’ve assigned a ticket for someone to work on but they don’t seem to be getting to it fast enough. Insights

Additionally, by the very nature of being geographically dispersed, we all have wildly opposite schedules, leaving little time for catch up calls, and software like Slack does little to help us see a holistic view of what’s happening across all the different tools our team uses. comes to the rescue here, giving us an integrated activity stream that’s inside the main dashboard, the team pages, and the individual employee dashboards, not to mention our daily emails.  Scoped to your span of control – we show you at a glance what your teams have accomplished recently, keeping you from asking “what have you worked on lately?” and keeping you from endless status meetings or slack messages. Recommendations

The daily pulses that we receive in our email to end each day are also great to identify if we’re spending time on the right set of things for each team.  Surfacing a few of the common activities gives us the opportunity to redirect when we need to before too much time is spent on the wrong things. Activities

This is just a touch of how we use to power Peoplelogic.  Stay tuned for more details on how we use our powerful natural language insights engine to power actionable dashboards and our weekly “What we accomplished” emails to give us back our Friday afternoons.  Welcome to the next generation of how companies work.  Come join us on the journey. 

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