How to Boost Company Growth by Monitoring Organizational Health

How to Boost Company Growth by Monitoring Organizational Health

Monitoring organizational health is crucial for growing businesses to deliver excellent performance goals, boost company growth and maintain their positions in the market globally. Organizational health is a measure practiced within an organization in order to function effectively and handle the changes appropriately. This practice will help you outperform your competitors. However, to ensure a proper health-check of your organization, regular evaluation, tracking and maintenance is vital. Otherwise, if there is an existing problem, it might worsen gradually and affect your business and employees.

According to Bain and Company, 94% of business development challenges tackled by theorganizations are generally internal as compared to the earlier days when most of the challenges were typically external, such as new technology, supply chain, etc. Thus, organizations must find their challenging areas to monitor the overall organizational healthto deliver optimum operational excellence for higher revenue growth, profitability, and customer and employee satisfaction.

In this article, we will elaborate on these parameters to help you understand the significance of keeping a check on the health of your organization.

1. Revenue Growth and Profitability

Let us begin with the financial metrics of revenue growth and profitability. Most of the companies track revenue growth via CAGR or compound annual growth rate. The revenue growth is one of the significant financial metrics that showcases an organization's stability and future potential. However, it is imperative to have a benchmark for the market and industry catering to your organization.

Profitability is the capability of a business to produce a return of an investment (not always monetary) based on its resources. It is one of the most important financial areas and is also the capacity of the business to make a profit and generate revenue that exceeds the overall expenditure.

2. Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Customer satisfaction and experience are other crucial components of organizational health. As you know, customers are the lifeline of any business. Therefore, you must always consider a customers' response to your actions. When you serve the customer properly, profits and revenue growth are bound to happen. Conversely, dissatisfied customers bring in negative reviews about your business that hampers the efficiency of your company, in turn affecting the overall development.

3. People Management

Managing your workforce is another critical aspect of organizational health. Employee engagement serves as a vital tactic. Employee engagement refers to the level of satisfaction employees experience at work. Engagement is much more than job satisfaction. It boosts their relationships with the leaders and colleagues within the company.

Furthermore, it also comprises growth opportunities and participating in the enrichment programs offered by the company. According to Tom Raftery, Global VP at SAP, "It's important for our employees to feel engaged and be a part of something vital. As a result, every year, we run this survey internally on how happy our employees are working for SAP. Thus, our rate of employee retention is extremely high."

Hence, to avoid regrettable turnovers, where high-performing employees exit the organization because they are unhappy, companies must start emphasizing people management skills as one of their critical metrics to establish a good organizational health practice.


Organizational health targets your company's financial sustainability, increasing operational profits while helping employees meet the challenges of the competitive landscape. Hence, the business owners must pay attention to improving their ability to strive towards adapting unique ways as compared to their competitors. Monitoring the health of your organization is equally significant to maintain the overall operational effectiveness and meet the challenges of the competitive landscape.

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