Insights - Now In Near Real Time

Insights - Now In Near Real Time

We may have been a little quiet with our updates the last month, but we've been hard at work with some big changes. Let's dive in.

New Features

  • Lexi, Dashboards and Insights have been upgraded to be near real time. What this means is that as soon as Peoplelogic aggregates new data (when you connect a new integration and then every 1-2 hours thereafter) its available for display and for driving your data-driven decisions. Enrichment activities (like time to close) are still run daily, just as they were before. With this change, we've also started showing the current day in Insights results - giving you that near real time visibility of where you stand with your team.
real time insights
  • Last month we released the ability to set goals on a weekly or monthly basis for your KPIs. This month we're pushing recommendations to you to alert you when your KPIs are trending off the goal you've set - making it even easier to stay out ahead of risks to your business.
kpi recommendations
  • Browsing the hourly trends graphs of an employee or team are now translated to your current timezone when viewing. A future update will let you toggle between your timezone and the user/team you're viewing. In the image below, you can see that even though the engineering team is located around the globe, we've aligned it to the timezone I'm in.
hourly work trends
  • Finally, Lexi queries for team based data are no longer limited to just the user's primary team. For example, if I'm in both Executive and Engineering, my activity will now be attributed to both for reporting. Team membership, team property changes, and employee creation and updates are now also available to Lexi in real time.


  • Block Scheduled event was showing up entirely too often
  • Forwarding a daily or weekly notification from Outlook messes up the formatting
  • More rate limiting handling and resilience for APIs - ensuring that we get all the data, all the time.
  • Freshservice usernames are now importable via the Employee importer
  • Newly ignored mappings were not staying ignored
  • In the weekly email, it was possible to show 8 days of daily trends instead of the expected 7
  • The work email is now sync'd from Gusto if set - this makes it easier to keep Peoplelogic in sync with your HR system and your other systems like Microsoft 365.

Paving the way for organizational health!


Peoplelogic gives me access to real-time data about my workforce that I can't view in any of our other talent systems!

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