Introducing the Peoplelogic + Gusto Integration

Introducing the Peoplelogic + Gusto Integration

Today, Peoplelogic announces its latest integration partnership with Gusto. Gusto is one of the leading all-in-one People Platforms, helping businesses onboard, pay, insure, and support their employees. With this exciting new integration, getting started with Peoplelogic is easier than ever before. 

Why is the Peoplelogic + Gusto Integration Important? 

By connecting Gusto to Peoplelogic, customers can important their teams and employees in a matter of a few clicks. The connection allows synchronization across the platforms so you don’t have to worry about keeping your teams up-to-date in two separate platforms. When changes are made on profiles that exists within Gusto, Peoplelogic will automatically replicate the changes within your Peoplelogic account. 

How Does the Integration Work? 

Once connected, Peoplelogic will import your teams and team hierarchy directly to Peoplelogic. The connection will allow for continuous synchronization for employee and contractor names, job titles, emails, and departments. Peoplelogic will also process departures so that users are automatically deactivated in your Peoplelogic instance.  

The integration allows users to: 

  • Sync both existing and new employees and contractors to
  • Update active employee and contractor (individual contractor) information in, which includes:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Job title
  • Team/department
  • Keep in mind: teams will be automatically created in Peoplelogic, potentially increasing your subscription costs
  • Deactivate employees in Peoplelogic that have been removed in Gusto
  • These will not be processed until their dismissal date in Gusto and will not automatically terminate an admin in Peoplelogic

How do I get started? 

To get started, you must have admin access in your account. If you don’t, reach out to an admin who can complete the setup, or if you don’t have a Peoplelogic account yet, sign up here

If you do have a Peoplelogic account with admin access to both Gusto and Peoplelogic, connect the platforms by: 

  • Signing in to 
  • Clicking the + icon in the top-right, next to the gear icon 
  • Clicking Add Integration 
  • Clicking Connect to Gusto to connect your pre-existing Gusto account. Click Create a Gusto account to get started with Gusto 
  • If you clicked Connect to Gusto: you’ll be redirected to Gusto to sign in using your Gusto credentials. If you’re already signed in you won’t be prompted to do so again 
  • If you selected to Create a Gusto account: follow the additional prompts 
  • Clicking Authorize 
  • You’ll be redirected back to, where you should see a confirmation banner confirming the connection was successful 
  • Click the Employee or Team tab at the top of the screen to confirm the information is syncing 

Once you’ve connected to, the initial sync will run immediately, and automatic syncs of employee and contractor information will occur each hour. 

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