Justifying a New Hire Based on Capacity

Justifying a New Hire Based on Capacity

Plummeting NPS and a change in perception:

Jeff had a problem—his customers NPS score was dropping steadily and his team started to fracture. They were missing goals, losing clients, and getting frustrated.

The Customer Success team was a vital component to this rapidly growing software company, with KPIs around retention, upgrades, and expansion. Now they were being scrutinized as a liability.

Burnout, frustration, and missed goals:

As the company continued to grow around them, the customer success team was small and agile. A team of five—Jeff as the manager and four customer support representatives—they’ve always punched above their weight.

However, recently Jeff’s team members have been increasingly frustrated, burned out, and short with customers—causing a noticeable drop in NPS and tarnishing the relationships with some of the most profitable clients.

Understanding the threshold of a team:

By using Peoplelogic.ai, Jeff started to get prescriptive recommendations that his team members were burning the candle at both ends and at a severe risk for formal burn out. Once burn out occurs, productivity and performance drop quickly. He knew he and the team were busy, but no one had mentioned feeling overburdened and overworked in his weekly 1:1s. In conjunction with the recommendations, Peoplelogic’s Insight Engine provided Jeff with eye-opening granularity into his team’s day to day.

By connecting Zendesk with Salesforce, Office 365, Trello, and his team’s calendars—one thing became clear. The team of four was trying to accomplish a workload that was impossible—at a minimum he needed two more people to keep customers happy based on the team’s current capacity and utilization rates. That’s just what Jeff did—hired two new reps which helped rebalance the team—and Peoplelogic provides him with the real-time protection to ensure he can proactively grow his team before performance suffers.  

What Peoplelogic Can Do for You:

Peoplelogic can help you understand the capacity and utilization of your Customer Success teams and make sure they aren’t burning out and you have the resources available to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. By connecting to your team’s support tools you can start understanding:

  • Daily support volume 
  • Time to first reply 
  • Tickets opened vs. tickets closed 
  • Time to close 

If you're ready to make the jump to data-driven management, get started with Peoplelogic today.

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