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Establishing Best Practices:

Sarah and Thomas, the CEO and Sales Operations manager of a well-known and highly transactional software company came to Peoplelogic looking to better understand their Sales team. They knew who the top performers were and they knew who the bottom performers were, but they wanted to establish a series of best practices that could help elevate the entire team.

Telling a Data Story:

While Sarah and Thomas had their Salesforce dashboards—critical pieces of the sales process were missing. While CRM data can be incredibly valuable, it often doesn’t tell the entire story. In fact, most of the sales process happens outside of the CRM—via emails, Zoom, and meetings. 

Improving Team Performance: was able to provide Sarah and Thomas with insights around the total value of deals closed by each specific sales rep and tie together insights around the time required to closed each of those deals, and specifically the number of, and the types of activities and steps that led to more deals. 

synthesized data

The company was able to build a series of best practices, automate new processes that ensure leads were assigned to the most effective reps, and identify opportunities for coaching to elevate the rest of the team. Furthermore, by giving their sales team access to, each rep could best optimize their own day-to-day, while benchmarking themselves against their peers to ensure they were focusing on the right actions to win business.

What Peoplelogic Could Do For You:

Peoplelogic quickly informs you on the most important things going on in your team’s day-today sales activities—allowing you to identify and replicate best practices. The analysis of all your team’s data, whether it is in your CRM or not, is accessible in one central location.  

Identify opportunities for coaching and developing while also understanding: 

  • How much and what type of work goes into closing deals 
  • Average deal size compared to sales activities 
  • Understanding what works and what doesn’t within your sales processes 

If you’re ready to make the jump to data-driven management, get started with Peoplelogic today.

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