Losing Thought Leaders and Culture Guides

Losing Thought Leaders and Culture Guides

Losing top performers:

Mark was at a loss of words. His two top engineers had told him on the same day that they had decided to leave the organization. How was it possible that Mark didn’t see this coming? What was he going to do—he could never replace their intensive product knowledge and was panicked at how the rest of the team was going to respond? 

No longer engaged:

Mark’s two top engineers had been at the company for 4.5 and 5 years respectively. Both started when the organization was a small, but fast-growing startup. Like Mark, each had a hand in developing the product through the beta phase and helping achieve a product market fit which not only justified expanding the team and company but reaffirmed that the mission the company had set out on was resonating with the market. 

Improved team performance:

Shortly after deploying Peoplelogic Mark suffered another blow—he had lost another one of his senior engineers. However, this time was different, he had analytics and insights into what went wrong once Katie had elected to leave the organization as well. Using Peoplelogic, Mark had become aware that a few things had happened over the years. Performance and productivity of his most senior and tenured engineers was noticeably lower than newer hires—as evidenced by their low StayFactor™ scores.

Was this due to the recent departures? No—but the root problems were causing them. With Peoplelogic’s help, Mark started to understand his team on a deeper level—the senior engineers, those that have been with the company helping wear multiple hats and build the product from the ground up were bored. They had started to get pigeonholed into projects and tasks that weren’t really that interesting, didn’t help them grow professionally, and didn’t align with their interest. 

What Peoplelogic Can Do for You:

As a Product and Engineer leader you’ve learned to master the art of creating workflows and processes, but do you know where your team is getting hung up? Peoplelogic ensures your engineers are following processes, identifies inefficiencies, and gives you automated recommendations to improve your team’s performance. With Peoplelogic:

  • Understand where processes are breaking down 
  • View the progress of the entire team, no matter where they work 
  • Protect development by receiving recommendations that enforce engineering best practices 

If you're ready to make the jump to data-driven management, get started with Peoplelogic today.

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