Making More Accessible Than Ever

Making More Accessible Than Ever

At Peoplelogic we’re driven by two things at our very core - our mission and our values - both connected tightly by a customer-centric view of the world.  We’re showing SMBs everywhere that they already have the data they need to generate the insights and recommendations to scale faster and improve their employee experience. Today, we’re launching a big enhancement to the platform, focused entirely on making it easier for customers to use the platform where and when they want and on making it easier for customers to start applying a people analytics platform in their company. 

From Sign Up to Insights In 5 Minutes 

With any new tool you add to your company, it’s important that you can get setup and start seeing value as quickly as possible.  In our first iteration of Peoplelogic, we watched many customers as they signed up, got logged in, and then quickly got lost on what to do next or stumbled over and over again with connecting an integration.  We decided we needed to devote a significant portion of the last month to improving this experience. 

If you sign up today, you’ll get a very different experience.  First, we’re going to focus our onboarding on one thing first - adding your team.  Then, the system will prompt you add your first integration.  This is where we’ve dramatically sped things up.  You can connect tools like Slack, Microsoft 365, G Suite, and GitHub with a single click.  Just authorize our connection to those tools and we’ll start aggregating data - fetching back at least 7 days - giving you immediate actionable insights and recommendations.  Watch the video below to get a sense of just how easy it is and then give Peoplelogic a spin

Introducing Lexi by 

When we originally launched the platform in March, we included the beta of our natural language Insights engine.  It had the foundation to provide companies (including our own) with the insights they needed to start understanding their people better.  One of the things it lacked was a persona and the ability to access Insights natively from the places where you spend a lot of your time - in the communication tools provided by your company.   

Today we’re announcing Lexi, our Slack application, as a beta.  With a single click, Lexi connects Peoplelogic and Slack to give you on-the-go access to our Insights engine, brings a daily pulse of the things you need to stay on top of, and gives you a weekly recap of your team.  

Lexi also serves as the conduit to bring activity from Slack into Peoplelogic recommendations and insights (with those exposed to you in the near future!).  Next, we’ll be turning our attention to more insights and recommendations and those will be immediately available in the Slack bot at the same time!  Check out a few of the screenshots below and visit our new landing page to get started

Making Peoplelogic Even More Affordable for Teams 

To really make Peoplelogic accessible to teams of all sizes, we knew that we needed to make it affordable for any type of company that wanted to use data to help improve their teams.  This led us to give away your first team completely free - with no restrictions on integrations or features. And yet, we still didn’t feel like we’d gone far enough in identifying a price point that would make what we were doing completely affordable to any company that wanted to get started. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking to customers and advisors, and optimizing how Peoplelogic systems operate so that we can pass on those savings to everyone who uses the platform.   

Effective today, all new and existing customers will get a nearly 50% savings on their subscription - reducing the monthly, per team price to just $49 and continuing to offer the first team completely free!  Doing the math, a company with 5 teams can get on the road to better insights for less than $200/mo.      

We’re excited by these latest offerings and the new pricing helping to bring our vision of delivering people analytics to SMBs to life.  In addition to all these big features, there’s been dozens of improvements based on customer feedback and we’re excited to have you try it out. Check it out on our sign up page or feel free to reach out personally at  for a quick chat about how we can help your team stay on the path to success.


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