Marketing OKR examples

Marketing OKR examples

Writing good, well structured, and effective OKRs is not easy. Despite that Objectives and Key Results is a simple and robust methodology, many teams struggle to define the right Objectives and the relevant metrics for the Key Results.

— How to write good marketing OKRs?
— What are examples of good marketing OKRs?
— What should I put in my marketing OKRs?
These are a few questions that people ask when defining their OKRs.

In this article, we'll share examples of the Marketing team OKRs, so that you can use them for inspiration or guidance.

Note: we highly recommend writing your OKRs, and not copying the examples. Most likely, the examples below don't meet all the needs of your team.

Strategic Marketing OKR examples

Objective 1: Ensure the company meets the revenue targets

Key Results:

  1. Increase the new inbound sales from $25k to $50k per month
  2. Attract 500 new sales qualified leads
  3. Attract 100 new sales qualified leads from the new market (Europe)

Product Marketing OKR examples

Objective 1: Clarify our product messaging for the release of the new product

Key Results:

  1. Conduct 10 on-site user-testing sessions to understand TA
  2. Research and implement 20 new channels where to distribute our content
  3. Run 20 different ads on Facebook and measure performance
  4. Prepare the presentation of the new product and test it with 5 users

Objective 2: Understand our customer and create the CJM

Key Results:

  1. Conduct 10 user interviews with the target audience
  2. Create the CJM and map the product features to the customer journey
  3. Validate the CJM with 5 new customers
  4. Increase the website conversion rate from 6% to 10% based on the research

Inbound Marketing OKR examples

Objective 1: Bring new inbound leads to the website

Key Results:

  1. Increase the monthly visitors to the website from 12k to 20k
  2. Increase DR score from 35 to 45 on Ahrefs
  3. Decrease homepage bounce rate from 62% to 40%

Objective 2: Boost customer acquisition on the website

Key Results:

  1. Improve the recommendation engine items CTR from 23% to 40%
  2. Decrease tip to end funnel drop off (churn) rate from 63% to 50%
  3. Improve Net Promoter Score from 8.1 to 9.5 points

Objective 3: Achieve record acquisition metrics

Key Results:

  1. Increase the MAU from 12k to 20k
  2. Increase the trial signups from 700 to 1500
  3. Increase the new paid customers from 90 to 150
  4. Maintain the CAC below $40

Objective 4: Reduce the bounce rate of the website

Key Results:

  1. Increase the CTR from 3% to 6% on the main call-to-action button
  2. Increase the watch rate of an explainer video from 2% to 5%
  3. Conduct 10 A/B experiments on the landing page

Content Marketing OKR examples

Objective 1: Attract new visitors with the weekly newsletter

Key Results:

  1. Create the content strategy and the topics for the next 4 months
  2. Increase the number of subscribers from 2,000 to 10,000
  3. Increase the open rate of the newsletter from 25% to 35%

Objective 2: Relaunch the company blog

Key Results:

  1. Increase Twitter followers from 2,400 to 5,000
  2. Release 3 own content articles in the leading industry online publications
  3. Increase the blog subscribers to from 4,115 to 5,000

Social Media Marketing (SMM) OKR examples

Objective 1: Increase social media audience

Key Results:

  1. Increase the number of subscribers on FB/Insta/YouTuber from 14k to 25k
  2. Increase the number monthly of views on Quora from 3k to 5k
  3. Increase the number of monthly leads from social media sources from 750 to 1500

Objective 2: Boost the social media audience engagement

Key Results:

  1. Increase the number of daily shares from 20 to 50
  2. Increase the number of daily comments from 140 to 300
  3. Increase the links CTR from 3% to 6%

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) OKR Examples

Objective 1: Improve the SEO rating of the website

Key Results:

  1. Achieve #1 place for top 5 relevant keywords
  2. Add 100 new referral links
  3. Increase DR score from 42 to 60 on Ahrefs
  4. Increase the referral traffic from 7,300 to 10,000 visitors

Objective 2: Increase the engagement on the website

Key Results:

  1. Reduce the bounce rate from 46% to 30%
  2. Increase the average time on the website from 2.4 to 5.0 minutes
  3. Increase the number of pages viewed from 3.5 to 5.0 per session
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PR/Brand Marketing OKR examples

Objective 1: Create a leading industry brand

Key Results:

  1. Hire a branding agency by Sep 1
  2. Launch 5 new ad campaigns
  3. Reach 1M viewers with the new ad campaigns
  4. Get 20 media placements and speak/partner at 10 conferences

Objective 2: Improve product and brand communication

Key Results:

  1. Release 6 regular bi-weekly press-release publications
  2. Hold 5 webinars with 50+ participants about the new product features
  3. Increase the community group members from 3,500 to 6,000 members
  4. Create a brand book for internal and external usage, provide all design assets

Objective 3: Boost awareness with PR campaigns

Key Results:

  1. Publish 15 press pieces in the relevant publications
  2. Host 5 industry meetups with 100+ participants each
  3. Speak on 2 conferences
  4. Sponsor 3 events with 500+ visitors in the related industries
  5. Reach 500k viewers with PR activities

PPC Marketing OKR examples

Objective 1: Improve paid acquisition effectiveness

Key Results:

  1. Decrease the lead cost form $7 to $5
  2. Test 10 new PPC campaigns and measure impact
  3. Increase the CR of the PPC campaigns from 3% to 6%


Teams usually need a few cycles to learn how to write effective OKRs. Having the patience to iterate, you'll see how OKRs will boost your team engagement, motivation, and performance. Use the examples above for inspiration and guidance for your own marketing OKRs.

Here are more OKR examples for Product, Engineering, Sales, Human Resources/People Ops teams.

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